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  1. Noykrub

    Digital Cable for JH3A

    Have anyone ever used "DHC Chimera Coaxial Digital cable" ? The link below   I would like to buy the digital cable for connect between SOLO-DB and JH3A but I don't know the sound quality from...
  2. Noykrub

    Improve my Cypher labs SOLO -dB by Change the cable

    Hi everyone,   Now I got the Solo -dB. It's come with stock 30pin to mini USB cable. (connect from iPod classic to SOLO -db)   I focus only 30pin to Mini USB cable.   Questions: 1. How about the sound quality of stock cable ? [ When compare with high-end cable (ALO, Whiplash...
  3. Noykrub

    Digital Cable for my JH3A

    Hi,   I got the new Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB today and plan to buy the digital cable for connect between RCA of Solo-dB and Mini connector of JH3A.   I know the Black Dragon Mini Coax from Moon Audio. Please help me the suggest me below.   1. Which model is best cable and...
  4. Noykrub

    Upgrade cable for HD650

    Hi everyone,   I looking for the best cable for my HD650. Please help me to choose which one is prefect match with HD650 below   1. Zu Audio Mobius MK.II 2. Stefan AudioArt , E-Series Equinox   recommend me please .. I have no any idea about these cable or if you have other one...
  5. Noykrub

    JH16/JH3A upgrade cable

    Hello everyone,   I just order JH16/JH3A and looking for the upgrade cable. I'm in interested 2 models from Whiplashaudio below:   1. Twag v2 and TWcu 26 HYBRID 8 conductor (JH3A version) 2. Pure 8 conductor TWag v2 (JH3A version)     My questions below:   1. How the SQ...
  6. Noykrub

    replace old earpad for JVC DX1000

    Hi,   I would like to know the DX1000 and change the earpad ? Where to buy the new pad  ? and how to change the pad ?   Thanks ^^
  7. Noykrub

    Grado PS500 with moon audio upgrade cable

    1. I would like to know anyone here upgrade PS500 with any cable ? recommend me please 2. How about moon audio cable ? blue or black or silver dragon ? 3. Is sound better or improve when compare stock cable from Grado ?   Thanks everyone to help me ^^
  8. Noykrub

    replace cable for Ultrasone Pro 900

    Hi everyone,   I just bought Ultrasone Pro 900 today. I plan to replace the stock cable with new one. Could you please to recommend me with model is the best one for Pro 900. (No budget)   Help me please.. I have no any Idea about the cable ..   Many Many Thanks for any comment and I...
  9. Noykrub

    Shure SRH940 vs ATH-ES10

    I have 940 on hand. I like mid and high but I think it not enough bass for me. So I need more big bass than this .. (mid and high it's ok for me)   I consider ATH-ES10. Can any compare this 2 model (940 vs ES10) in bass part for meplease ? or if you have another brand or model Please let me...
  10. Noykrub

    ATH-M50s/LE vs ATH-TAD500

    I would like to know about the bass between this 2 model (ATH-M50s/LE and ATH-TAD500). Which one this a big bass? I have TAD500 I like mid and high but I don't like bass because TAD500 small bass. So, If ATH-M50s/LE has the big bass than TAD500 it best for me.   Can anyone compare the sound...
  11. Noykrub

    HIFI-812 Music Player

    Anyone know about HIFI-812  Music Player ?   I already have HM-602. So, I would like to know the SQ between HIFI-812 vs HM-602. Anyone help me to compare?   Thanks
  12. Noykrub

    Sony XB1000 VS V-MODA Crossfade LP2

    Help me to comment please.
  13. Noykrub

    Sony XB1000 VS V-MODA Crossfade LP2

    Happy new year 2012 to everyone ^^   Anyone help me to compare the FZ of Sony XB1000 and V-MODA Crossfade LP2 please. I'm a basslover and plan to buy the XB1000 but I heard that V-MODA Crossfade LP2 can perform the best deepbass than XB1000.   So, I have some questions below   1...
  14. Noykrub

    Huawei MediaPad - Sound quality

    Hi everyone,   Anyone know about the sound quality of the first tablet from Huawei that they call "Huawei MediaPad" ?  SQ when compare with SG Tab 10.1 or 8.9 ?   If any know let me know please.   Thanks everyone ^_^
  15. Noykrub

    Sony X1060 32G support ATRAC Advance Lossless ??

    Hi, I would like to know Sony X1060 can support "ATRAC Advance Lossless" audio format or not? PS: for US Firmware version. (I heard that ATRAC support in Japan FW version) Thanks