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  1. EEXO

    Earbuds > IEMs ?

    I find earbuds sounding better than IEMs most of the time and the earbuds I'm referring to are not even near the price of the IEMs. Is it only me or do you guys/ladies feel the same? If not for the noise around me when I'm taking the public transport I would not have chosen an IEM...
  2. EEXO

    L/R channel volume balance

    Is there any DAP that allows adjusting the L/R volume? Not too big >4GB Adequate batt life
  3. EEXO

    Differences between Zune30 & Zune4/8 (SQ) ?

    I used to own a Zune30 and absolutely love how it sounds. Now I'm considering a Zune4 and wondering how different they sound, anyone with both Zune30 & Zune4 able to help?