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  1. LaBrosse

    So I decided to do the astroid mod on my HD228's...

    ...but when I first removed the earcup, a single clip somehow broke. Now, it's one clip and there are seven others to hold it in, but will this greatly affect the 'phones?
  2. LaBrosse

    Any problems with the nano driving middle-range Senn HD's?

    Someone told me at another forum (not an audio one) that if I were to buy HD228's, I'd have to do better than the 4th gen iPod nano's. Would I do good in believing him?
  3. LaBrosse

    Is a Senn HD218 w/ Fiio E3 amp better than an HD228?

    Converted from local prices, there's a $10 - $15 gap in price, with the HD228 being more expensive. This might be a negligible amount for some, but not for a 14 year old.