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  1. Electro

    Audioquest Nighthawk vs Sennheiser HD700

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but if anyone has experience with both headphones, which do you prefer and why? I am considering them both and can't really decide between the two. 
  2. Electro

    IEMs under $125?

    Hello Head-Fi! I'm looking for a portable pair of IEMs, they don't have to be amazing but I'd like the best quality I can get under $125. I currently have V-Moda Crossfade M100s but I'm tired of carrying them around everywhere. I also have Shure SE215s but they sound a little muddy. Any...
  3. Electro

    Best cans for bass and dubstep U$300

    Yo guys, I'm looking for the best headphones for dubstep and other electronic music with lots of bass and quality. My budget is 300 USD, any ideas?
  4. Electro

    Sennheiser Momentum?

    Is these good headphones for Dubstep, Drum & Bass,  Garage, Experimental, etc...? I want bass and sound quality.
  5. Electro

    Headphones for Liquid Dubstep/D&B/House (electronic music)

    Hey there  I'm looking for over-ear headphones, my limit is $300 USD. Basically I'm listening to all types of electronic music, I need something with deep bass and high sound quality. I mainly listen to liquid Dubstep and liquid Drum & Bass.  Any recommendations? I've been looking at the...