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    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    pc all the way
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    Nintendo Switch

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    Planar headphones for gaming.

    i use my LCD -2c for gaming and love em
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    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Hell blade: senuas sacrifice 11/10 amazing
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    Monster Hunter World

    can't wait for pc
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    Which headphones do you use for PC gaming?

    Audeze lcd-2c with questyle cma400i
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    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    Amp looks amazing
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    Noisy sound card

    external DAC
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    Openback headphones preference

    think he means out of the ones listed
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    Owners of the Audeze LCD-2C, how do they sound without an amp ?

    I think the main problem you would have using them for "portable" use would be that they are open and will leak sound like crazy so I hope whose-ever around you wants to listen to what your listening too. However I did try mine through my HTC M9 using spotify, and they don't sound good or bad...
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    New Questyle CMA400i

    Hey guys got my CMA400i last week and have been having problems getting the unit to operate in exclusive mode, i.e windows volume control still works. I have both exclusive options checked, have disabled all enhancements, and still nothing i have a peachtree nova150 set up the same way and have...
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi new here came to get help regarding windows exclusive mode