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  1. RnB180

    Bose Tri Port IE a Review

    Howdy folks, been a while since I posted a review, my visits have been limited as of late, and thought I swing by and share my thoughts from those wondering about the new bose head gear. So considering that bose has just released two new models for the head gear folk ie and oe, which stands...
  2. RnB180

    gears of war, xbox live

    So I picked up this game today, and find out that there is no one on the live servers? Im wondering if there just arent people that have this game yet? any headfiers have this game?
  3. RnB180

    For those awaiting PS3, something to tide you over. hehe
  4. RnB180

    HD DVD versus Blu Ray

    Anyone an early adopter of either format? Since im always interested in technology, especially those dealing with audio and video, I was wondering if there were other members with similar interests on the forum? Headphones are great, but so is home theater. Lately in regards to...
  5. RnB180

    Format wars.. Blu Ray makes a wimper introduction

    the first blu ray players are out at BB,. $999 price tag w/ 5th element or house of flying daggers as the showcase disc. However over at AVS, there are quite a few threads on the picture quality transfers on the BD's. Some even clamining the standard dvd of 5th element to be a more acceptable...
  6. RnB180

    Anyone own the Toshiba HD DVD player?

    Just wondering what you thought of it?
  7. RnB180

    DVD Tues: Underworld: Evolution

    So I picked this up at frys today for $13 bucks. I wasnt too thrilled by the first underworld, a bit too long for what the film is. I was delighted to see that the film is only 1:30 for this sequel as opposed to the 2hours+ of the original. I was going to pick up the first one too for $10, but...
  8. RnB180

    DvD Tues: Date Movie

    So this week, I picked up this dvd for my weekly visit to home theater. Ive found the movie a bit dissapointing. Anyone else see this film? Maybe it was because I am not familiar with all the romantic movies it was a parody of. Directed by the same director of the scary movies. I had high...
  9. RnB180

    Rate new dvd: Aeon Flux

    So I picked up the movie last week, and finally got around to watching it last night before going to bed. Its an interesting film, I think it is a worthwhile rental and the art direction of the film is fantastic. the story is a bit cliche and generic so dont expect anything exemplarary...
  10. RnB180

    xbox 360 GRAW!

    So I picked up this game ysterday and I pretty much hate it. I think I shouldve picked upi battlefield 2 or condemned instead. Just my luck that I rented BF2 and thought it was a very fun game and fun multiplayer and I buy Ghost recon to find out its a game I shouldve rented instead. This is a...
  11. RnB180

    Bear eats Monkey in front of horrified Zoo visitors

    Warning, if seeing a picture of a poor little monkey being eaten by a bear in a zoo bothers you. Do not click link. another picture can be found here
  12. RnB180

    Xbox 360 the "Oblivian" thread

    So I downloaded the trailer and the reviews sucked me in, so I went out and picked up the the game... about 2 hours later and blindly crawling through underground dungeons and fighting enemies I can not see Im still at a lost as to when this game gets any better? In the game I picked an...
  13. RnB180

    You tube: another vid of me playing that wacky dancing game funnestest video game ever.
  14. RnB180

    What is the best portable amp you currently own?

    Just wondering for a while now which portable amplifier has garnered the largest user base and popularity, so here goes, which portable amp do you own? If you own multiple amps, pick the one you feel would represent the ideal amp for your use. If you just own the micro amp, pick the micro...
  15. RnB180

    trying to figure out how to post a poll

    how does this work?
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    Im in the market for some new IEMs, what do you recommend?

    So My first pair of IEMs were Shure e2cs, a bit muddy and unrefined, so I got rid of them and picked up the super fi pro 5s. Its been a while since i used the e2c's but if memory serves me correctly the jump in quality wasn't that great. the super fis were still a bit too muddy and...
  17. RnB180

    DVD Tues: Final Fantasy Advent Children

    Wow, this is quite possibly one of the worst films I have ever seen. Im not too familiar with the final fantasy story however. I have no idea what the story was about in the film, it didnt make sense to me at all. Delivery was horrendous. Its like the story writers got together, made a...
  18. RnB180

    Sneakers how many purchases does it take to collect Nike Jordans?

    So.. Today I was strolling through the mall today in desperate need of new shoes. I had one of the old Nike cross trainer shocks a few years ago and these things were torn and the bottom has been worn all the way and falling apart. Ive been putting it off long enough, shoes dont really...
  19. RnB180

    Any home theater junkies here?

    Post pics of your set up! Im thinking about rebuilding a home theater set up. I need some ideas
  20. RnB180

    Any fans of Smallville?

    A friend of mine once kept telling about the show, so I picked up the first season a while ago to see what the fuss was about, I knew of superman when I was younger and collected the comics, I must say the show is pretty good. after season 1 I picked up season 2 and than three. By the time I...
  21. RnB180

    DVD Tues: Anyone pick up King Kong?

    This was the first time watching the film, I picked up the special edition dvd at CC, and just finished watching the film. I finished watching the film blown away. This is definately a film you would like to watch on a big screen. Anyone else pick up the dvd today? some of the action...
  22. RnB180

    oh my... fight night round 3 on Xbox 360

    this is the best looking video game I have ever seen so far. I was strolling through frys electronics and found a demo station with the fight night game playing on the 360. Has anyone seen this game in action? Its mind blowing. If I had the money, I would have bought the 360 on the spot...
  23. RnB180

    Budget fi review: Panasonic XBS RP-HT21

    Okay, I recall back in my youth days, I had a panasonic XBS cd player with XBS head phones. from my recollection, the sound was very nice, this was when panasonic was made in Japan and the sound was warm and clear. panasonic has always had a good impression with me in regards to their now...
  24. RnB180

    Looking for a good WACOM tablet

    Im looking for a decently priced WACOM tablet, I think edwood is probably the only member I know here that uses it, but can anyone explain the differences between the graphire 3 and graphire 4 and the differences between the WACOM intuos?
  25. RnB180

    ebay beware some stole my picture

    some stole a picture of one of my cables and is using it to sell cables online I contacted the seller and he claims it is his work and nothing of mine. you make the call I am referring the braid picture he claims is his on his auction.