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  1. skept1k

    FiiO e5 or FiiO e6

    I have a pair of Ultimate Ears 600 (UE 600 if you will) and while the headphones sounds truly phenomenal, they do lack a bit of punchy bass. The bass and low frequencies are still clearly there, but the bass is just not punchy. So, for overall sound quality and performance, which amp would be...
  2. skept1k

    Ultimate Ears 600, pair them with the FiiO e5 or FiiO e6 amps?

    First post here :) Question is in title. I have heard the UE 600's have great sound but lack a bit of bass (still very present just not what they're "praised" for) and I have seen that the e5 and e6 amps offer bass boosting and sound quality as a whole. Problem is, some say the e5 has better...
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