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  1. Funky-kun

    Brief Odac impressions

    I use the ODAC with my laptop and it doesn't "whine", but it happened when it was connected to a friend's desktop that was turned off. So it is not your ODAC's fault, it probably is because of the laptop. In any case, unplugging it should solve the problem.
  2. Funky-kun

    Brief Odac impressions

    I had the chance to A/B today against the Xonar Essence STX (/w LME49720s) for an hour in a quiet listening environment.   I think overall the ODAC is a step up from the STX's DAC.    ODAC is clearer sounding in the mid frequencies and lets more of the recording's details through. As...
  3. Funky-kun

    Strange Foobar volume problem

    I've been using foobar2000 for a couple of years now, and something has caught my attention.   I generally play my music shuffled. Sometimes, apparently randomly, within 1 second of the start of a track the volume level seems to change. I think it only decreases. Even if I play the previous...
  4. Funky-kun

    Brief Odac impressions

    Received the ODAC today, and have been listening to it for the past 2 hours. I am very pleased with my purchase. (got it from Head'n'HiFi)   Win7 recognized it without any problems and foobar config was a breeze. Initial impressions are that the unit is very transparent. Great detailed...
  5. Funky-kun

    Asus Essence One Headphone Amp/DAC (CeBIT 2011)

    From my experience you can't really get much information on the bass of closed cans from charts. In every single case, trying the headphone myself revealed they have much more bass response than a graph reveals, probably due to resonances and/or seal. Open headphone bass response generally...
  6. Funky-kun

    Behringer UCA202 / foobar2000 question

    I recently purchased a Behringer UCA202 unit for line out from my laptop (win7 x64) to my amp. The first few days it was working OK. Foobar was outputting through KS and all seemed well. When changing and pausing songs there was a delay, but it was easily controlled by the buffer.   Then I...
  7. Funky-kun

    Asus Xonar Essence STX vs E9/E7 combo...whats better or do i need both?

    I have used 595 through the STX and it sounded absolutely lovely.   650 also sounds pretty good from the STX, but you will find improvement with a better amp (think $400 and above).   I would recommend using the STX, and also swapping opamps for 49720s.
  8. Funky-kun

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    Thanks for the link, I'll definitely give it a try once I am reunited with my setup.
  9. Funky-kun

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    Quote: Isone pro is the best speaker sound simulator, but indeed after a period the music sounds dull and lifeless.   This is due to the fact that the music is recorded to be played back on speakers, and yes, the biggest difference is that they have natural crossfeed. Also, the L and...
  10. Funky-kun

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    We aren't missing anything. This sample (just like 99% of music) is recorded to sound correct on speakers. The different design of headphones will never recreate the same soundstage as speakers, whatever manufacturers say.   On the other hand, why don't some speaker enthusiast try how...
  11. Funky-kun

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    Come to think of it, hearing the first example sounds like evidence of crosstalk between channels.
  12. Funky-kun

    7 drum hits -> What do you hear?

    Koss Porta Pros HD595 HD650   All hooked to my XPS M1530, my better setup is not available. With all of the above I hear the second image, although with 595 the hits were further apart, and 650 sounded the closest to the first image of the bunch, but still the first and last hits are L/R...
  13. Funky-kun

    Headphones with large and deep earpads

    I am not sure if they're in your price range, but the HD800 have the most spacious earcups I've ever tried. No part of the ear touches any of the interior. The earpads still accumulate warmth over time, but the fact that the ear doesn't touch anything makes them extremely comfortable.
  14. Funky-kun

    upgrade from sennheiser 212pro to 555

    Quote:   At first you will be severely disappointed with the lack of bass. Then you will start hearing things in acoustic music you haven't noticed before. After going 212-595-650 my music preferences have switched over from mainly electronic music to mainly acoustic music. I would...
  15. Funky-kun

    Foobar DSP: Advanced Limiter

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone.   I avoid using ReplayGain, as more quiet and/or dynamic tracks (e.g. classical) may become boosted by RG and their peaks will clip then. But I know it also has the function only to prevent clipping from RG data.   What is the difference between the...
  16. Funky-kun

    How much freq. do you hear? (20-20000)

    I hear some very thin sound at 21khz and clear sound at 20. Bass is kinda harder because I have a hard time telling 'sound' and 'pressure' apart in frequencies near to 20hz. (not to mention headphones have a hard time producing those)
  17. Funky-kun

    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    Got my C2C today and ran it through the line-out. Two things to note: 1) What this amp has over the STX amplifier is driving force, therefore control. Everything is more focused, notes start and end precisely when they have to and sustained bass notes retain their power through. 2) 2x...
  18. Funky-kun

    Sennheiser HD650 - will it be replaced by a new model soon?

    Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink I wonder if J&R are selling the HD650's without the case? I got mine half a year ago for 320$ shipped with a case.
  19. Funky-kun

    Asus STX/ST TPA6120 - super or crap ?

    I really don't understand what the fuzz is all about. For such a price I doubt you can find a better amp/DAC combo, but then again, if you argue that the ST/STX's amp is better than a, say Hornet, you definitely aren't getting the point of it. With that in mind, I have an Audio-GD C2C...
  20. Funky-kun

    Full size headphones & sleeping

    A friend of mine is now deaf in one ear because of sleeping with IEMs, so I wouldn't advise anyone to do this.
  21. Funky-kun

    Sennheiser headphone clamping force and weight (595, 650, 280)

    Yup, the HD650 definitely have more clamping force (without stretching). I do think, however, that they are more comfortable due to the secure fit and more place for the ears they provide.
  22. Funky-kun

    Audio GD C2C

    With all these positive comments I am really tempted to take the plunge with this amp. My HD650 need more power. Oneq question to the ones in the US with this amp - did you have any trouble with Customs? Additional payments or something?
  23. Funky-kun

    Rolled-off bass on HD600

    As this thread has discussion about the STX amping the HD600, and HD650 are of similar impedance, I want to ask something about them. Discalmer: I have not deep knowledge of volatages, power output or impedance, so pardon if my question is stupid. OK, so I am thinking about getting the M³...
  24. Funky-kun

    The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

    OK, here is an update on the situation. All attempts to run the card from the PCI-E x16 slots failed miserably. I broke a part of the heatsink to be able to stick the card in one of the PCI-E x1 slots. So far, so good, but when I boot with the Xonar in place (powered up) Windows BSOD's the...