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  1. Chacho

    GR07 - Tips Thread

    As stated in my last post on the previous page where I said that I would get back to this forum whenever I received the Original GR07 Foam Tips that I ordered from China Lugbuy for US$12.02 for two pairs including shipping from China to Mexico:   The original order was cancelled by the seller...
  2. Chacho

    GR07 - Tips Thread

    Quote: I will get back to the forum here when I receive these supposed "original" Vsonic GR07 Foam Tips from China.   As a side note on duties, here in Mexico, there are no duties on shipments, if the ultimate handler of the package is the Mexican Postal Service, and, the value is...
  3. Chacho

    GR07 - Tips Thread

    I took your advice and used the Lugbuy site.   Apparently I was successful. Two Pairs for US$12.02, including shipping to Mexico. Sure beats Comply.   Now I will wait to see what I get.   When and if I get them, I will post back here.   However, from past experience, shipping by...
  4. Chacho

    GR07 - Tips Thread

    Quote: Thanks for these links. The pictured Foam Tips on the "MisterTao" webpage would appear to be the correct original tips, and they are listed as being so.   However, after attempting to use the "MisterTao" webpage to place an order, I had no success, as nothing on the page works...
  5. Chacho

    What quality are the files streamed at on Grooveshark and how does it work?

    I cannot find a setting called "Use lower quality files for streaming" option.   Could some elaborate clearly and concisely about how to turn this option off.
  6. Chacho

    GR07 - Tips Thread

    Hello Renato-CWB, I had actually saved your first photo and measurement for future reference. Now I have gone back and reread your posts, as you mentioned. I have now saved the second photo also; the one showing the depth to which the original foam tips sit, as compared to the depth that the...
  7. Chacho

    Vsonic GR07 Submerged in Water

    I would like to report my recent experience of submerging my Vsonic GR07 Bass Edition Earphones in water for 4 or 5 minutes by accident:   The earphones were in the cargo pocket of my shorts when I spilled a drink on the shorts. Trying to save the shorts from a permanent stain, I filled a...
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