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  1. Chuck Canada

    Does anyone use David Clark Headphones as an Audio File?

    Hey guys I have always noticed David Clark cans popping up here and there for years now and I have been wondering does anyone use them as like someone would say a set of Beyerdynamix T1 or something, you know for music and movies and what not? If anyone out there has used a pair of David Clark...
  2. Chuck Canada

    Best Movies for Headphones?

    Hi guys I wanted to start a thread here since I haven't seen one with this topic yet,   What do you guys think the best movies for headphones would be and what are you're favorites to watch with headphones?       Please leave a comment below.       My favorite movie for music would be...
  3. Chuck Canada

    Looking for opinions on 600$ Closed back, over ear headphones

    Hey guys I'm looking to treat myself to a new pair of cans, I currently use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 -600ohm cans and I love them, they have a great sound stage, decent mids and lows with some punch bass and with my setup they get quite bright which I like. But I am looking for a pair of...