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  1. mattcalf

    My "Evil Things" photo album finally reaches 1,000

    I totally thought this thread was going to be about a collection of photos of people who have reached 666 posts and had screenshots taken.
  2. mattcalf

    What book are you reading right now?

    My Brother Jack by George Johnston. Incredible writer.
  3. mattcalf

    Who here is a high school audiophile?

    After venturing I'm moving from prospective high-school audiophile into team minimal (probably an ipod classic/rockboxed iriver h340 > jh16) and expanding hobbies to photography.   Headphones are fun but I've decided they're not for me. Might delve into them later in life, however. I have a...
  4. mattcalf

    2010 - Your Favorite New Releases So Far?

    Tourist History - Two Door Cinema Club Treats - Sleigh Bells Of the Blue Colour of the Sky - OK Go Heligoland - Massive Attack Self Titled - How To Destroy Angels Perspectives - House vs. Hurricane Plastic Beach - Gorillaz Returners - The Ghost Inside Self Titled - Emarosa...
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    Best of YouTube
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  8. mattcalf

    Last check before ordering (Opus) (Gamma 2 now)

    Let me know how accurate the BOM turns out, I'm looking to do another order in the next month. It's much appreciated, Matt.
  9. mattcalf

    Gamma-2 (γ2) DAC Thread

    Howdy amazing troubleshooting resourse that is this thread.   My (ex-)DAC has malfunctioned after 5 minutes of use in it's new home. It was packed very well in the hammond enclosure (no faceplates). It then became unrecognized and ceased outputting music.    Current pictures available...
  10. mattcalf

    Post pics of your computer rigs here.

    Macrog, beautiful setup. But for the love of god make foobar a bit prettier! linky
  11. mattcalf

    Best of YouTube

    Thanks for sharing these guys, hilarious stuff. Got three basketball ones for ya.
  12. mattcalf


    I'd love it if someone could get a good shot of the sheet of information that is sitting above Cavalli's new creation! 
  13. mattcalf

    Best of YouTube

    And how it should be done: (sorry if it's been posted before.... worth it.)  
  14. mattcalf

    Best of YouTube

    Hilarious! Had a good old chuckle. :) Thanks.   Quote:
  15. mattcalf

    Lets Talk Metal

    Mr. Bungle
  16. mattcalf

    Greatest movie action scene EVER!!

    I really need to learn how to jump my car, it seems as though its just as easy as doing it on a bike. Lift and jerk your body up. I can't wait to try it tomorrow! ;)   Thanks for sharing that was rather impressive.
  17. mattcalf

    Kevin Gilmore's Dynahi boards group buy

    Ive been interested in the Dynahi for a while, however, haven't been able to find any boards and some of the transistors are being hard to find.   Are there any places to find the 2SA1349 or 2SC3381?   Thanks, Matt.
  18. mattcalf

    Sneaker-Fi (or Shoe-Fi)

    Going to get a pair of Lebron VII soon.
  19. mattcalf

    Post pics of your builds....

    Very nice as always John, can't wait to see the amps!
  20. mattcalf

    Recording Equiptment?

    I've been looking to get a recording rig going and all the information I've read points toward an Oktava MK-012-01 (even a modded one) for condenser or a Heil PR20 for dynamic. I have not used either mic! But plan on getting one or both
  21. mattcalf

    What if the audio critic is completely right? What would you own?

    I like this thread, I think all newbies should read it. Not saying they have to conform to it, but it'd be a good read it start off the hobby.
  22. mattcalf

    New AMB DIY forum

    Great resource.
  23. mattcalf

    Just saw The Hurt Locker...what a brilliant movie

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Eh, to me it was a pretty rushed and mediocre movie. No time to really understand or know the characters, and even in the tense scenes like the sniper duel, I wasn't at the edge of my seat, because it was obvious that the protagonists were...
  24. mattcalf

    Post pics of your builds....

    Very nice FA, I'm thinking of building a GC. Probably a LM3785 from audiosector, what made you choose the LM3886?
  25. mattcalf

    Just saw The Hurt Locker...what a brilliant movie

    Can't wait to see this, actually might go by myself to see it now that Im on holidays.