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  1. armoOndo408

    ATH ESW9A vs Bose and Beats??

    Hey guys I own some Esw9s and I absolutely love em. I was just curious on how these rank against the "popular" bose and beats headphones. Im asking b/c ive never actually really heard bose or beats. I took the advise on here to avoid those. What do u guys think?
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  3. armoOndo408

    Looking to upgrade from ATH-ES7s

    hey guys my audio technica ath-es7s left earphone recently started to stop working and i thought rather than paying to get them fixed i thought it was time to upgrade.. i had my ES7s for 2 years and i love them, but time to move on   im looking for something maybe similar, but of course...
  4. armoOndo408

    something to play mp3 player in the car?

    hey guys whats THE BEST fm transmitter or anything else that lets u play ur mp3 in the car? price from $10-$20 i have a mp3 player....NOT A IPOD
  5. armoOndo408

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: how do you like the ES7s? I just bought a pair of my dad I love em they sound awesome and look nice and clean. I would definitely recommend look for some reviews here on HeadFi
  6. armoOndo408

    Can i buy a Fiio E5 from stores?

    hey guys what i mean is can i buy one without having to order it online? do any stores carry them? thanks
  7. armoOndo408

    Would a amp go good with the ATH-ES7s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chews89 DUDE, you have nearly the same portable setup as I do! All you're missing is a mini3 amp plus you haven't got your es7.. yet haha lol ya ill probly get a amp to try it out, i should get my es7 tomorrow! thanks for the help guys
  8. armoOndo408

    Would a amp go good with the ATH-ES7s?

    hey would anyone know if they go good together?
  9. armoOndo408

    What are these things you call Headphone Amplifiers?

    I just realized i posted this in the wrong place, if i could have this moved? sorry bout that
  10. armoOndo408

    What are these things you call Headphone Amplifiers?

    I just googled it, supposebly it improves the sound quality of the headphones? does it really work? If anyone can give me basic info from anyone who owns one would be great thanx
  11. armoOndo408

    What does "pink noise" or "white noise" do to your headphones?

    Hey guys im sorry if there's already a thread for this but I was just really curious. I'm getting some ATH-ES7s in a few days and I was wondering what it does Thanx
  12. armoOndo408

    What's the ultimate player in terms of sound quality on the market?

    If you want sound quality, check out samsungs mp3 players. DNSe is awesome also i heard cowon has great sound quality as well
  13. armoOndo408

    I just ordered ATH-ES7 from

    Quote: Originally Posted by Morph Bass - deeper, more refined, better controlled. Mids - simply sweet Highs - Almost non-existent in 555's. Senn's are two levels lower IMO. I had both for ~4 months and quickly realised I don't need Senns anymore. sweet, looks like i made...
  14. armoOndo408

    I just ordered ATH-ES7 from

    I'm really excited:] I just hope I like the sound quality
  15. armoOndo408

    ATH-ES7 Buyer's Guide or How (and Where) to Avoid Fakes.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Squirsier The ES7's cups are shiny and reflective, which is why, taken under certain angle, they can show as other colors, depending what lights are used or what the cups are reflecting. J&R Electronics is a safe place to get your ES7 from thanks...
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