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  1. Denon2010

    The Great Audio Scam - Anything above $2 buys you features NOT Audio Quality

    Anything Above $2 Buys More Features, Not Better Quality Really amazing article and shows just how we trick ourselves into buying nonsense marketing gimmick to pretend that we have better sounding DAC than others. What I have personally noticed myself is even $1000 equipment sounds just like...
  2. Denon2010

    Please Help do I buy Fiio K3, E10k, K5 Pro OR Asus Xonar SE Sound Card

    I have a HD 58X Jubilee and I notice near 0 difference compared to my HD 555. I also once bought a SMSL SD793-II PCM1793 and it sounded no better than my Xonar DG The only item I tried that sounded noticeably better than my Xonar DG was a old Xonar DX sound card. It was just perfect and I wish...
  3. Denon2010

    Should I upgrade from a Xonar DG and Xonar SE for my HD 58x Jubilee?

    Hey anybody here has gotten a chance to try the new Asus Xonar SE? it says 116DB SNR and the Xonar DG says 104 DB SNR What I can tell you is in the past I once had a Xonar DX 112DB SNR and the sound was far better than my Xonar DG that I "upgraded" to only because the Xonar DG had a headphone...
  4. Denon2010

    Smoking weed actually makes your headphones sound 100 times better

    Interesting now that Cannabis is legal I tried it first time in my life and goodness gracious me, my Jubile HD 58X sennheiser is in another world, I can hear things I NEVER heard before or noticed, the sound is further and more expansive but like in a different dimension. LOL why was this thing...
  5. Denon2010

    Considering upgrading my HD 555 to HD 650

    So I have a HD 555 and I removed the rubber thingy inside which supposedly turns it into a HD 598 offcourse what I noticed was garbage bass now that it has been removed there is no bass. I wonder what kind of upgrade in quality am I going to experience with a HD 650? I use a Xonar DG sound...
  6. Denon2010

    I seriously wish atleast 1 person on this entire forum could answer my 1 question

    Like seriously I have been searching all over all forums and nobody has been capable of answering just 1 question I have.   I have a Asus Xonar DG sound card, and a SMSL SD 793 II DAC.   I connect the DAC to the Sound card through optical cable.   I now have an issue I have to adjust the...
  7. Denon2010

    I need someone to educate me about EQ through TOSLINK

    I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me BUT when I connect direct to my Xonar DG sound card my headphones and I adjust the EQ there is less distortion but when I connect to my SMSL DAC via toslink and then adjust the EQ there is far more noticeable distortion when adjusting the EQ
  8. Denon2010

    Does anybody know if I am supposed to angled HM5 pads for a Headphone with Angled Drivers? or regular ones?

    As the title says its a shp 9500 should I get regular flat pads or angled I am looking for thick pads and the angled looks thick but dunno if its good or bad for a headphone with already angled drivers
  9. Denon2010

    How the heck does this not permanently damage your ear drums?

    Always wondered this, does not seem to affect anyone. Year after year they keep making these videos and can still hear   I don't even know how this is considered music but I guess to each his own   I had no idea speakers were capable of this        
  10. Denon2010

    Why do we pay $300 for headphones that cost $30 to manufacture?

    I am trying to understand why we do this, an average pair of $300 costs probably around $30 to manufacture offcourse it does not include shipping from China or storage fees etc   A chinese worker works for around 50 cents an hour, China uses dirty coal for energy so electricity there is cheap...
  11. Denon2010

    mmmmmmm VU METER

    I don't know why but anything analogue screams Russia  
  12. Denon2010

    If anyone of you on Head Fi has respect for music you will help me find this song to download/purchase

    Any true audiophile member here who even has the slightest respect for music and all what mankind has been able to accomplish with audio you will help me find this song, it must be available somewhere to purchase in Lossless Quality.   I would even be willing to settle for 320k MP3 no problem...
  13. Denon2010

    I can't decide between the SMSL SD793-II and the FIIO E10K

    as the title says its for a SHP 9500 headphone.   So in terms of clarity and open airy laid back sound which would be better?   Looking to get a nice aluminum unit with a volume button to actually control instead of a stupid mouse clicking in windows.   Also I read the new Fiio E10K uses...
  14. Denon2010

    Would adding a Nobsound 6J9 tube Amp to a HiFime Tiny Sabre DAC reduce the output quality?

    so I am placing my order for a $43 HiFime sabre Dac Tiny USB and I plan to connect it to this   what do you guys think is the amp enough quality to ensure the sound isn't degraded or should I just use the...
  15. Denon2010

    Who wants to help me understand Imaginary Noise?

    Top head fi members here have said the science behind SNR of 124db means it is essentially useless since you will become deaf if you actually listened to music at 124db and nobody does that. And that the only reason we don't have 200db snr chips is because we cant listen to 200db sounds, this...
  16. Denon2010

    Is it really worth upgrading my Xonar DG sound card?

    I have both the Xonar DG AND the ASUS Crystal Audio 2 onboard sound to me both sounds identical. I cannot tell the difference in a blind test except maybe the xonar DG is slightly brighter very slightly like 5% maybe.   Here is the thing years ago I had a Xonar DX which was much more expensive...
  17. Denon2010

    Can someone help me compare the Micca MB42 to a Headphone of Equal Performance?

    Contemplating getting a bookshelf for under $100   So the Mica MB42 how will this compare to say a Sennheiser HD 555 headphone in terms of quality?
  18. Denon2010

    Looking to upgrade my Sennheiser HD 555 after 8 years but WHAT TO BUY?

    The pads are deteriorated badly and can no longer connect, original pads are $34 USD. My HD 555 are hard to beat, they are modded with the rubber removed from inside the cups that now gives it a HD 595 sound quality. I was really looking to spend around $100 USD or less.   I also bought this...
  19. Denon2010

    Anybody here ever used the Avantree Audition Super Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones?

    Its $50 on Amazon and its bluetooth   I am currently using a HD 555 sennheiser would I be disappointed if I switch? I am sick of wires I want a wireless
  20. Denon2010

    Recommend me a Bluetooth Headphone for under $100 that matches my HD 555 senns

    As the title says.   I have a HD 555 sennheiser I use it home this is all for home use but I am kinda sick of wires. But I am also not gonna buy a expensive bluetooth headphone and in 3 years when the battery is no longer viable I have to toss it in the trash.   How do the Bluetooth...
  21. Denon2010

    What makes a $1000 Tube Amp better than a $35 Tube Amp?

    So Amazon sells tube amps for $35, made with Japanese Capacitors etc. People swear by them.   So i really need to know what about the $1000 amp that makes it better? how does the sound change exactly? And are these changes noticeable in a blind test? by someone 40 years of age and older?
  22. Denon2010

    Why do you hate Lana Del Rey?

    If you were to ignore pointless things like how many men she slept with etc or how rich daddy is. OR the fact that she can't actually sing, what is wrong with her?   Because her studio work is a masterpiece. Once she has her computer enhancements her voice is godly.   I especially like her...
  23. Denon2010

    Is Audiophile something that is real or just your imagination?

    Was having a conversation with my friend who is an Electrical Engineer and has a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During our conversation the topic of audiophile was brought up. He is very good at Physics so he understands the science of Audio.   However he insists that Audiophile...
  24. Denon2010

    $400 headphones with FAKE Leather the new trend?

    Sort of surprised that consumers are supporting this trend, the Denon MM400 is fake leather, OPPO PM-3 another $400 headphone made of fake leather.   These headphones in general cost $20 to make in China, don't you think the least they could do for this price is use actual genuine leather? who...
  25. Denon2010

    Cheap PC Desktop Headphone AMP and or DAC recommendation?

    ok so  Ihave a Asus Xonar DG. But I dunno I think its not clean as my previous Xonar DX which was rather clean but totally lacked any headphone AMP.   I could go back and buy a Xonar DX for its DAC I can get it used on amazon for $59   And I can get the Muse tube amp for $65 theseare the...