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  1. trose49

    subscription emails not working yet?

    I am not receiving auto emails of subscribed threads anyone?
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    To up-sample from 44.1kHz to 48kHz? or not!

    In setting up an Apple TV music server I plan on using the optical out of the APT to a Meridian 16bit DAC. I also have a Monarchy 48/96 DIP Upsampler. My question is does anyone think the extra conection will be worth it to upsample from the stock 44.1kHz to 48kHz? I could go optical to...
  3. trose49

    Custom HDMI

    Does anyone know where I can contact to have a short HDMI cable made? Looking to use for a custom application and also want it covered in Techflex clear Reflex sleeving. I am also looking for a power cord the same way! Send a PM or post places to contact! Thanks Im pretty sure Ken at...
  4. trose49

    RSA DOES IT AGAIN!!! B-52 Review HERE! Great Job Ray and Congrats!!!
  5. trose49


    Just kidding, I called Ray today to inquire about something COOL and he even answered the phone while he was taking a shower. Now thats customer service!!
  6. trose49

    Man we are spoiled ;)

    I was out of work today and went to the grocery store to grab a few items. Whenever I do this I bring my Portable Rig! iMOD>JumboCryo>Hornet (m)>UE-10pros. As I walk the isles I cant help but to catch myself tapping or singing or good heavens even dancing a bit from the music! Yep I got...
  7. trose49

    WANT A SMALL DAC/AMP Suggestions

    Is there any think else to consider for a DAC/AMP for using with an iMAC other then the Meier Move?. It would be nice to have something fairly small next to the MAC so I dont have to go hunting for the HORNET RIG. Just sit at the computer and plug in ya know. I hear good things about the Move...
  8. trose49

    Looking for a high end linear 5V Power supply

    Anyone know where I can buy a high end Linear 5v power supply termed to 2.1mm ?
  9. trose49

    New RSA Website!

    Not sure if anyone saw this yet but it is much easier to navigate and more professional looking IMO. GREAT JOB!
  10. trose49

    Looking for a solution to a problem (1 source w/2 amps)

    I have a new V-dock from ALO coming for my iMOD and wanted to know how i could hook the output of the V-dock to both my headphone amp and also my home system via (a/b switch?) etc that wont take away any or little signal quality. Any suggestions?
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    RECABLE UE-10 PRO's??????

    I was wondering if anyone has or though of recabling UE-10's? or any other high end custom? I would think it would be pretty slick but could you possible gain any sound quality? Can the connectors be purchased or are they built for UE?
  13. trose49

    Custom Beyer DT-990's 600ohm are HERE!!! PICS!

    Post pics of you DT990's please!
  14. trose49

    Got 627BP OPamps for HR-2

    Got a great deal on a set of Opamps I wanted to try with My RSA HR-2 Two problems One: I am afraid of messing with perfection Two: I am more afraid of ruining perfection! LOL! I know it's not a big deal to most but the idea of even taking of the cover of the black beauty scares the...
  15. trose49

    Just got Hit with Duty TAX in USA for DT880's

    Yep, who said you dont have to pay a duty tax? My Beyer DT880 Custom 600 ohms just got more expensive! Just got a bill from DHL for $55.08 for Duty tax plus $5.00 fee. I am not happy!!!
  16. trose49

    Anyone have Pics of a DT990 w/ Chrome Covers

    Would like to see before ordering!
  17. trose49

    Need High Quality 1/4 to mini??

    Looking for one to use with my hornet/Darths I have a rat shack now. Must be something better out there!
  18. trose49


    OK first off BIG Kudos to both Vinnie from Red Wine and Ken from ALO audio! Thanks Guys, Vinnie came through a day ahead of schedule and Ken sent my IMOD cables express mail so both were available to me today. As I mentioned in another thread the torture today was KILLING ME!!! I had the...
  19. trose49


    Just got a message from ALO my 5GEN IMOD Cables are being shipped next day! I got a Jumbo Cryo for the portable rig & a Cryo X Silver 20" to right angle switchcrafts for the home set-up Vinnie will Have my 5.5Gen 30GiG IMOD for me on FRIDAY!!! It may be the first one in public...
  20. trose49

    Headroom Desktop system?

    where can we find more info on this system!
  21. trose49

    Custom Beyer DT-880's on the way! 600ohm!

    Just placed an order: 600OHM DT880's Black on Black on Black Black Leather Headband & Pads Takes about 3 weeks!!
  22. trose49

    Do Darth Beyers Change with "Burn-in" POLL!

    Just listening to some SRV on the new Darths and they sound great! Just curious if anyone has experienced and significant changes and how many hours it takes to fully "Burn-In" Take the Poll and please leave and helpful comments of what you have noticed or not! Thanks
  23. trose49

    Wanted NEW DT770 Black Leather Pads

    If anyone orders custom Beyers from the website can you please order an extra set of real black leather ear pads!! I will PAY!!!! If anyone has any please PM! Thanks Todd
  24. trose49

    New UE product!

    PULLED FROM ILOUNGE! Does Ultimate Ears have the next big earphone? By Jeremy Horwitz | 04.20.07 | digg this story | Tell a Friend Secrets—especially when they involve breakthrough iPod products—are hard to keep. We really want to tell you guys and girls everything we hear about, and if...
  25. trose49

    Please try to decribe the sound of a V3 Darth!

    would like to have someone compare to say an HD600's. Please describe in the most laymans terms possible!