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    Do I really need a subwoofer for Audioengine A2+

    Hi guys, I got my audioengine a2+ few months ago I'm quite happy with it. I just wanna know do I really need an audioengine S8 to pair it? will it be really worth to do so? I know it probably will improve bass but is it really worth $350? Please tell me what you think. A2+ is the first high end...
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    Need a Subwoofer for audioengine A2+

    Hi guys, So I think I need to get a subwoofer for more bass. But S8 is too expensive to me. Anyone knows a decent subwoofer that price range from 100-200 and works perfectly with A2+? Please let me know and Thanks.
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    Old logitech x530 speakers too many dust going to buy a new speaker

    Hi guys, My old x530 has been used for many many years and I recently going to move to a new apartment and The speaker is covered with gross dust too lazy to clean them. So Im going to buy a new speaker. Anyone here please help me to decide which one to go to 2.0 or 2.1? I currently is checking...
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    Having hard time choosing Sony A35, A25 or ZX2

    Hi guys, please help me to choose which one is best for me( value and sound quality). Are there big differences between these 3 models besides touch screen. I was thinking to get A25 and then my friend said why no a35 since it has touch screen and same sound quality as a25. and i did my research...
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    Fiio E11 and E12 are they have huge difference?

    I just got my E11 3 days ago and I using it with my ipod nano and Sony mdr-1r. I don't get huge improvement with e11. Will E12 make better improvement than E11?