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  1. Pavioni

    Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

    I'm not sure why you are asking how they sound in this thread, don't you know you are in the bash, whinge, complain and spread conspiracy theories thread? Lol, you think anyone is actually here to talk about how they sound?? Aweosome! But this thread ain't complete until sosolar pops up...
  2. Pavioni

    Loki Mini Impressions

    Mine does not. Email Schiit.
  3. Pavioni

    A headphone tribute goodbye to Tyll from Innerfidelity

    Tyll, good on yer,going out on your own terms. That takes balls. Kudos on Putts wiring,that's ABYC standards. If you ever find yourself in South Florida, drop me a line. I'd be delighted to take you fishing in the Glades/10K Islands. Everglades City,Flamingo chasing tarpon,snook,reds a...
  4. Pavioni

    Reasonably priced power strip / surge setup?

    Lifetime no bs warranty,send it back. I have without any problems or complaints from them.
  5. Pavioni

    Android friendly portable DAC Amp recco?

    Thanks for the advice - ordered the E17K today, $100 delivered. Will post impressions after playing with it some.
  6. Pavioni

    Android friendly portable DAC Amp recco?

    Yah,that's the crux of the matter,don't know if outsourcing the DAC at this price point will improve the Sonics over the analog headphone out. Then again it's my ears, so if I want to pay the admission for this rabbit hole it's my choice.
  7. Pavioni

    Turntable, Arm, Cartridge... Headphones!

    But what's the fun in that? Nobody is more OCD than us vinyl guys - full moon with a dropping barometer ya gotta lower your VTF by .05 gram!
  8. Pavioni

    Revisited: Best NC on-ear (ideally portable) headphones under $150.00

    Hifima n Edition S is on sale for $129 on Amazon prime, for another $10 you can get a 4 year warranty. I'm tempted to try a pair, fly often enough to justify the purchase (have Senn PX200's for that now) and these might be a interesting alternative to my Senn 558's in my office system. Lots of...
  9. Pavioni

    Loki Mini Impressions

    This place is dangerous....ordered my Loki in today. Will use it just for headphone EQ while my trusty ancient Audio Control handles the speakers EQ.
  10. Pavioni

    Loki Mini Impressions

    What's old is new again. Not terribly surprised by the buzz surrounding the Loki intro because I've never stopped using EQ's even as I progressed into higher end separate components. There were 2 companies that made very good,high quality equalizers here in the US - Soundcraftmen and Audio...