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  1. mmmmcheese

    Check this out! (xbox 360 related) People are acttually selling xbox360's for over 2 grand! Oh man I need to get like 4 ps3's when they come out and sell them on the bay for that.
  2. mmmmcheese

    DIY amps: Dynalo vs. Millet Hybrid

    I have a chance to get one of these amps made for me. I am not sure about the specs but I can get it somwhat costumized. I like my sound a bit laid back with strong bass and slightly bright highs. I will be using one of these with my Onix XCD-88. I listen to almost entirly rock. A little bit of...
  3. mmmmcheese

    My first car help

    I am thinking about getting my first car. I currently share a 1992 lincoln continental with my older brother. It is my parent's car. I would like to get a car that is fairly economical as well as have some nice gitty-up. I dont know how to do drive a manual but I know my dad can teach me and I...
  4. mmmmcheese

    HF-1 Woodies!!!!!
  5. mmmmcheese

    So I have a family history paper due in 9 hours

    Yeah so I have a family history paper due in 9 hour that I have had 3 weeks to work on. This is probably the worst case of procrastination I have had. Wow that was dumb...I wil be up late tonight. wish me luck!!!
  6. mmmmcheese

    License test on wednesday

    I will be taking my driver's license test wednesday after school. You guys got any tips for me?
  7. mmmmcheese

    How do I get rid of icons on my desktop?

    Hey guys I have alot of unused icons on my desktop that I don't use and they are starting to annoy me. I use Windows XP with SP2. I think I can just right click then delete. But some of the icons are not shortcuts and are needed for the games I play. What can I do?
  8. mmmmcheese

    Help with terminating banana plugs on speaker cable

    Hey guys, I need help!! I have this cable. It does not come with the heatshrink and banana plugs shown. I ordered those seperatly and I need help on how to terminate it. Here are the bananas I bought, and here is the shrink tubing. How do I go about doing a project like this?
  9. mmmmcheese

    Just ordered my new speakers

    I got these . All I need now is an amp. I am thinking about getting a Hafler DH 200 for the bookshelfs.
  10. mmmmcheese

    Where did your name originate from?

    Not your real name but the name you use here on Headfi. Mine came from about 3 years ago when I got Starcraft for my birthday. It just popped into my head when I needed an online name to use. Ever since then I have always used this name. How did your name come about?
  11. mmmmcheese

    What is Mk II?

    I have seen this name on many different audio products and I am wondering if they have something in common that I don't know about. I have seen it on a turntable, amps, and other things. What is the deal?
  12. mmmmcheese

    Went cliff jumping today...

    I was playing ultimate frisbee with Gradojunkie and my brother (Non headfier) and after we were done we went to one of the quarries in town and jumped off into some water. It is such a rush! I can't imagine what skydiving is like. Any way just wanted to tell everyone that.
  13. mmmmcheese

    Is it possible to put a bass boost in a Shellbrook Maxi Moy?

    I just got a Denon DCM-280 and it is a bit bass challenged. I am curious if it would be possible to put in a bass boost into my Maxi Moy? I would not be able to do it myself, but I just want to know if it is possible. Mitch
  14. mmmmcheese

    Cosmetic contest

    Me and Gradojunkie were arguing about whos cans looked cooler. So we had to get your opinion. Which one do you think looks the most PIMP'N. Edit: Junkie's C-pads are homemade mmmmcheese's SR325i's and Gradojunkie's SR125's Junkie's SR125's My SR325i's
  15. mmmmcheese

    Guess whos birthdays are today!

    Yay my sweet 16. Its also nariyahz, Gman, HansHeijden, Paul M, and knestle's birthdays today.
  16. mmmmcheese

    Anyone recabled their grados?

    I am kind of thinking about getting mhy SR325i with beta C-pads recabled but I am curious as to what the headphile or and other cabling does to the Grado sound.
  17. mmmmcheese

    Wow I just had a headphone scare...

    I was sitting here at my computer looking at headfi with my SR325is sitting on the table. All of a sudden my cat scares the crap out of me and i kick the cable to the SR325is and I barely caught them as they fell... Scary moment there. I almost lost my babies.
  18. mmmmcheese

    Gaming sound card

    Hey, I know this topic has been discussed many a time but here goes. I currently am using on-board audio (Sound Max something). I play alot of games and occasionaly listen to music on my computer. I just have my headphones and some 2.1 speakers. So I only need a 2 channel card. What would be a...
  19. mmmmcheese

    Amp burn in

    hey i just got my shellbrook audio lab maxi moy headhpone amp and I am wondering about how long is the recomended burn in?
  20. mmmmcheese

    This has probaly been disussed before but... 325i vs ms2i

    I know that this may be getting a little old, but I am going to be upgrading to one of these beasts and am wondering which one will work best for me. I am a little worried about the brightness of the 325i I hear about, and I think I would like the neutralness of the MS2i. For bass heavy rock and...
  21. mmmmcheese

    Do 1/4 adapters change sound?

    D0 1/4 adapters or any other adapter like them color sound put through it?
  22. mmmmcheese

    Grado SR325i 245.00

    Here is a site that has them for 245.00
  23. mmmmcheese

    How easy would it be to start from scratch

    I was just curious about how hard would it be for a guy like me with 0 electronics experiance or any type of soldering or anything to be able to build cmoys and/or cables?
  24. mmmmcheese

    beyerdynamic dt770-80?

    hey todd i was wondering if yu had the 80 ohm version o these cans and also how much they would cost?
  25. mmmmcheese

    Shellbrook maxi moy for beyer dt770?

    i am looking for a decent home/semi-portable headphoone amp to use from my pc with my dt770 80 ohn version. I would also use an amp with my grado sr125s and shure e2c. would this amp be a good choice or should i look for something better?