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  1. TheJosablo

    Recommendations for a custom IEM (JH Roxanne/Layla) User Looking for Full-Sized Headphones

    Maybe the Sennheiser HD650? I have the HD600 and they are more neutral than the HD650.   HD650 have a sound signuature closer to your IEMS but with a wider sound stage and very "airy" in a way.   But I would also recommend the HD600. If you wait for a little bit, the Sennheiser HD800 goes...
  2. TheJosablo

    Sennheiser HD518 Giving me a awful earache

    I have the same thing happening with my left ear and I have the Sennheiser HD600, do you happen to have long hair that covers the ear? It helps me when I move my hair out of the way before I put them on.
  3. TheJosablo

    New Headphones

    Beyerdynamic DT770s are very affordable and more "fun" sounding than the Shures. Closed Back, very comfortable and I'm sure those pads shouldn't get too sweaty or hot after extended usage. Only $130 at the moment.  ...
  4. TheJosablo

    DAP Newbie - Please help me list all affordable high capacity DAPs

    There is the iBasso DX90:   The iBasso DX50:   This one isnt that high capacity but the HiFiMan...
  5. TheJosablo

    First pair of expensive headphones...

    The Audio Technica being a Studio Headphone should not take them automatically from the list, I would definitley give them a shot:   I...
  6. TheJosablo

    No Beats! Over (around) the ear Headphones for <$200

    Very True but only Marginally, same drivers yet different dampening I'm pretty sure.
  7. TheJosablo

    First AMP/DAC choice

    You are welcome! Happy Hunting!
  8. TheJosablo

    No Beats! Over (around) the ear Headphones for <$200

    I'm here to help hah, well reviews say they are basically the same, I have owned them for about a year before giving them to a friend for studio work, and the soundstage is very closed sounding yet the detail and bass is fantastic for the price, so I wouldn't hesitate pulling the trigger on...
  9. TheJosablo

    No Beats! Over (around) the ear Headphones for <$200

    I would get the 32 ohm, it means less resistance which concludes that you won't need an amp for them.
  10. TheJosablo

    Looking for the best DAC pairing for the HD 800 for less than $1000

    People have said to stay away from any Sabre DACs because of added brightness to the headphones. I would say to match your Schiit and get a fully upgraded Bifrost from them. That would be about 50% your budget, and from there on I think the sound quality gets better very marginally or...
  11. TheJosablo

    No Beats! Over (around) the ear Headphones for <$200

    You should consider the M50x from Audio Technica or the Beyerdynamic DT770 at that price point they are more comfortable and better sounding than those terrible beats.
  12. TheJosablo

    First AMP/DAC choice

    The Schiit Loki is a DSD only DAC, I would go for the Modi or an ODAC and Use the Magni or O2 over the Vali, the Vali is known to be a bit worse than it advertises.
  13. TheJosablo

    Comfortable closed cans for less than $200

    Oh sorry, its because just last week they were around 170-200. but out of your list I would recomend the both the sonys and the audio technica but I have no experience with the shures at all so I guess we could wait for other suggestions.
  14. TheJosablo

    Improving overall sound

    Budget? and which headphones?
  15. TheJosablo

    New to the audiophile world, looking to learn more and develop collection over time.

    K612 pros or DT880 pros/prems are a good start and yes the cmoy is a good starters amp that will drive them, they can drive the 300 ohm HD600 from Sennheiser.
  16. TheJosablo

    Comfortable closed cans for less than $200

    Add the Beyerdynamic DT770 to your list, they are closed and very comfortable, and I would recommend them if you are used to the Fidelio sound signiature.
  17. TheJosablo

    Looking to upgrade

    FIrst off, what sound signature would you like? And also would you prefer tube or solid state? for DAC I would not spend anything further than the ODAC by JDS Labs or Mayflower Electronics unless you need all kinds of digital sources to be input (coaxial, USB, Optical) because the ODAC is USB...
  18. TheJosablo

    How should my audio setup be setup?

    nope you will not lose quality unless the interface messes with the digital such as downsampling or something.
  19. TheJosablo

    Looking for computer speakers in $200-$375ish range

    They will save you the money of getting an amp.
  20. TheJosablo


    I think the XB600 is your best bet in all of your requirements
  21. TheJosablo

    HELP me narrow down this list, please :)

    Hm didnt see that anywhere but ok, so DT770 it is then!
  22. TheJosablo

    Stereo Receiver Headphone amp Question.

    Thanks guys for the responces! I appreciate your help! Have a nice day .
  23. TheJosablo

    Stereo Receiver Headphone amp Question.

    I have a Pioneer SX-315 Stereo Receiver and I use the built in Headphone output as an amp, but i cant seem to get the exact specifications for it online or if it compares to even an entry level Dedicated amp, i have not listened to side by side comparisons, does anyone know the exact specs of...
  24. TheJosablo

    Looking for over-the-ear headphones to use at work $100-$300

    Welcome! The Sennheiser Momentums are $300 right now on Amazon great without Amping them and outstanding performance for closed cans, the Mr Speakers Mad Dogs are also $300, bigger and retro looking headphone but more comfortable and neutral sound, Audio Technica ATH M50 are 104 bucks right now...