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    JVC HA-FX1X Xtreme Xplosive Impressions

    I got a JVC HAFX101 but it has that cheap headphone hiss when connected to my Xonar DG. It gets drowned when music is playing but I was not expecting the hiss from this headphone. 
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    The $50 Audiophile-grade home setup.

    In order to have a Audiophile-grade home set up, these are what you need:   Asus Xonar DG:   ~$30     Koss KSC-75   ~$20     Xonar Unified drivers:     Set the headphone amp of Xonar DG to...
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    Asus Xonar DG: The best cheap thrill in computer hi-fi

    There was a time when the cheapest headphone amp was, well, not very cheap. Except DIY nasty amps there were no 'budget' headphone amps around. Then ASUS changed everything with Xonar STX/ST but now it seems they have even pushed the envelop further with Xonar DG -well, almost.   For $30 you...
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    K701 thread

    Listen to Depeche Mode with K701. You'd feel much better.
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    January 14 to May 1st... and I'm done, found my perfect phone, and am moving on.

    That's what I call, the best way to burn yourself out of any hobby.
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    How do you explain to your significant other when....

    Imo, elaborate and expensive hobbies are an escape from the significant other. lol
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    Next big investment/full sized cans?

    I did this simple mod and i posted a thread about it as well. too lazy to search.
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    List Price: $999.00 Price: $890.44 Sale: $637.00 You Save: $362.00 (36%) So, the $1000 strategy seems to have failed at least in this case. Edit: Oh the coincidence, its also my 1000 post! synchronicity? well, not really.
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    Where to get Recabling Done:

    Well, the question is then, what makes him think so? Not to mention how one goes about evaluating a cable? Did he use some scientific device to check the copper purity, or is he just playing the typical cable shilling business that seems to have plagued this website.
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    Where to get Recabling Done:

    Quote: Originally Posted by Brandon7s After looking at the APS website, that looks like a good bet as well. And while I'm aware that a better DAC and Amp would make a big difference, since the stock cable of the K701 is notoriously cheap, it'll bug me until I get it replaced...
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    On my visit to 32 Ohm Audio, and how my mind subsequently got blown.

    Ceek OBH-11 is rated for 30-300ohms headphones and its power output is a confusing >10mw into 30 ohms and 300ohms loads. Creek Audio - OBH-11 Headphone Amplifer But it seems like a low power output amp and as I have said many times here, K701 does not need a lot of power, it just needs the...
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    Sennheiser HD800 with ASUS Xonar Essence ST/STX?

    the third wire from the right. you must have one free from your PSU, if not, use a molex adopter and free that wire for the ST.
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    Sennheiser HD800 with ASUS Xonar Essence ST/STX?

    STX has an output of 7.03v at its 300-600ohms setting. That translates into 165mw at a load of 300ohms. That is satisfactory for most 300ohms headphones, even HD650. But HD800 has a recommended maximum power input of 500mw, so STX will not be able to drive HD800 at its full potential. Unless...
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    Is it possible for headphones to indent your skull...

    If you're a baby yes, because baby skulls are soft and its takes sometime for them to harden.
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    REVIEW: Bravo Audio Tube Amp *added small comparison impression of Penguin Ultra Cmoy amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by netsky3 My fault, i've read too fast your post but its an interesting idea. first of all you separate the ground line completely and then you double the power output. It will also look good.
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    Sennheiser HD800 with ASUS Xonar Essence ST/STX?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audi4ever And the ST dont? As i run SLI card i cant use my PCE-E, unless i remove 1 card The ST is PCI, STX is PCI-E. STX compatible with PCI-1x and greater, so you can put in any free PCI-E slot that you have. For example I have mine in the...
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    Sennheiser HD800 with ASUS Xonar Essence ST/STX?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edoardo I don't think stereophile's guys are snobbish or corrupted, maybe that STX is a great value-for-money DAC, but who says that an amplification circuit fed by a PCI card and smaller than the 1/4" jack of the headphones he would like to drive drives them...
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    asus xonar essence stx/st: an alternative to dedicated HP amp?

    Its great, especially when its backed by a pretty decent DAC of STX and very low noise floor. I'm a big fan because i like DAC amp solutions - less crap in the audio chain i.e. interconnects etc. I wrote a simple guide for it, check it out and check out the link to xbitlab review included in...
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    Little Dot

    Just as their products are enjoying a lot of demand and soon they'll be mentioned in stereophile, their production is miserable and they have removed the ebay presence. to get an amp from them takes at least a month from buying to receiving. this is the time for profit maximization and not...
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    Decide between these crap.

    i think op is just trying to get us to click on those links.
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    Let's make it simple. Let's use only one very good headphone.

    Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink Hmmm. Have you invested in a pair of those ear plugs that dampen the sound levels. There are apparently quality ones available that don't really interfere with day to day sound levels like conversation etc., but dampens the louder stuff. I...
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    Let's make it simple. Let's use only one very good headphone.

    Quote: Originally Posted by aimlink Too much volume while listening? Live music. I'm a live music junkie and especially during summer i go to a lot of concerts. Then there is speakers which imo even more tinnitus inducing than headphones. but with headphones, the...
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    Let's make it simple. Let's use only one very good headphone.

    The more headphones you have, the more urge to listen more often, which can result into tinnitus... I deliberately try to reduce my time listening or take breaks because of tinnitus. tinnitus can be a real annoyance and scary.
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    High End Headphone Myth

    Quote: Originally Posted by mulveling Ok...that still doesn't address why source voltage output of 3.7, alone, would be limiting in any meaningful way in scope of the HD600. What are you talking about?? The argument is not about 'audibility' but 'fidelity', you should understand...