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  1. eriktheg

    ATH M50 - benchmarking for right sound

    If you still have doubts, just open up the M50's put up some pics of the inside driver and someone will tell u if you got a legit pare or not.. there are a lot of chinese ones out there... And lemons are usually broken on 1 side, not both. Where did u say you bought it? Excuse my grammar and...
  2. eriktheg

    The NEW JVC HA-S400. Affordable Carbon Nanotube cans for the masses.

    I have some news for u buddy. Its doesn't go alongside your skull, but it also isn't a crazy circle around your head. Its like in between you know? No pic cuz i prefer being anonymous.
  3. eriktheg

    Brainwavz HM3 vs. Philips CitiScape Downtown

    You buy them both... because HM3 + a stand for $36 is also a heck of a deal... and you can resell them for more too. Where are you getting these deals anyways? I would buy them all if I could find a deals like that!   CitiScape Downtown's have guaranteed comfort and isolation w/ no leakage...
  4. eriktheg

    Brainwavz HM3 vs. Philips CitiScape Downtown

    the CitiScape Downtown's are a heck of a deal for 30 bucks. You should keep them. I actually suggest you try to resell for $40 rather than returning if you don't like them. =]
  5. eriktheg

    The NEW JVC HA-S400. Affordable Carbon Nanotube cans for the masses.

    Haha funny thing I was doing a quick comparison with my brothers HM3's just a couple hours back. The HM3 is more bright; less bass hitting, and treble and highs are a tad bit higher, can be piercing if you have sensitive ears. These HA-S400's on the other hand are warmer, and have a good...
  6. eriktheg

    The NEW JVC HA-S400. Affordable Carbon Nanotube cans for the masses.

    Hayang, your picture makes the HA-S400/500 look almost like the M50's but with smaller cups. haha
  7. eriktheg

    Should I spend the extra money to get the ath m50s le instead of the ath m50s

    The only difference between the M50S and the M50 is the more expensive one has a coiled cable.  Amazon had the M50S for $110 just last week. Not quite worth the $160 as there are alternatives. But for $110 its pretty good
  8. eriktheg

    Ath-m50 confusion

    1) doesn't matter how, just put atleast 50 hours into burn-in, 100 recommended 2) white box are newer ones. They sound the same except it is a bit more neutral than the blue box with a little less bass from what i understand. 3) it does just fine without an amp. I personally don't think you...
  9. eriktheg

    ATH-M50 Removable Cable Mod

    Hey can anyone identify what 3.5 female jack chassis he is using? It would help me if i used that because no heavy modifications are needed.
  10. eriktheg

    Should I get the Audio Technica M50s?

    Hey, just a side note, if your going to use the M50's as outside portables for extended periods of time during the summer, your going to melt your ears off because after 2-3 hours, your ears start building up sweat, although I'm guessing that beats do the same thing to your ears.
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    A Concise View of Why The ATH-M50 is No Longer King

    Quote:   Just reading that makes me get the impression of the heaviest, bulkiest, ugliest, yet most comfortable headphone to date! But who knows, maybe it will happen some day lol.   Been watching this thread for the past week, I find these kinda threads entertaining for some reason...
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    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    Hey doesn't an extender mess up sound quality, and especially when there is multiple sources hooked up?
  13. eriktheg

    Best headphones for a beginner on a budget

    Quote: Thanks for the heads up! Thought it was a steal for the price! Just ordered mine.  
  14. eriktheg


    Well, that was 2 years ago, and that was the older version ATH-M50 that came in blue box, not white box, things change. where did you find a price for the M50's like that? Link me to the source before you buy.
  15. eriktheg

    Has the fake ath-m50 arrived?

    You ask for a refund, if that doesn't work out then you report to paypal trying to get your refund, and then you report them to ebay explaining the situation
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    Best headphones for a beginner on a budget

    Quote:   How about you wait until the CAL goes down to $60 and that would save you some money for maybe a fio e5? Patience is key.
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    Actually, the M50 got its hype because it was considered by many to be the best set of cans under the $130 mark. about a year or two back, they went as low as $90 brand new. Since the price went up to an average of $150 in the US, other cans jumped in and quickly started competing with the M50's...
  18. eriktheg

    ATH M50's only 45$, too good to be true?

    100% fake, headband doesn't have proper curve, the padding on headband is uneven, and the sewing job is terrible!!! Look at both ends of the sewing, terribly aligned.
  19. eriktheg

    The Monoprice MP9927 PG 208.. MP8320 (MEP-933)..The $7.11 club..

    "If you like neutrality, then they(MP8320) are vastly better than an unequalized Philips SHE3580, which has an extreme v-shaped frequency response. I detect at least two peaks on the 8320, one around 6800 Hz and the other around 9500 Hz--likely the result of ear canal resonance. Everybody's ears...
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    Quote: Really? I never heared the HD448, but it seems that it is listed on the basshead's buyers guide thread. Are you sure they lack anything in bass, cuz I doubt they would put it on that thread if it did? *edit  My bad, I can see that many people think they lack in bass. They really...
  21. eriktheg

    Roland RH-300

    Has anyone ever tried these? I personally have never heard of Roland until today. From what I see, this headphone is popular in japan and has a near perfect rating on a lot of japanese websites. So, is there anyone that has heard these before? I want some impressions that I can actually read well.
  22. eriktheg

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    Quote:   Wow.. Crossfades for $90 $95.. free 2-day shipping!!! WHOA!
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    Has the fake ath-m50 arrived?

      Quote:     Okay dude.. that's just straight up weird.. It looks like a Mix between fake and real!! Wth? Makes me wonder... Is Audio-Technica going cheaper? Or are Chinese copies getting better? Hmmmmmmmm... Where exactly did you get yours from and how did the box look like...
  24. eriktheg

    My official shure srh840 impressions after 2 months (includes pictures)

    Uuuh.. isn't sigma tel hd audio on-board? Dell computers?
  25. eriktheg

    Audio Technica ATH-M50s - Just Purchased - Wow

    Quote: So what cans you use now?