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  1. reifler

    Amp vs EQ

    I just bought the beyerdynamic DT250-80 headphones from headroom and I am LOVING them. (I'll write a review sometime) However, I know I am probably not hearing what they are capable of. I work a whole lot on my computer, and I have an SB live! Sound card. I was trying out some audio plugins to...
  2. reifler

    Senn HD250 II OR Beyer DT250-80?

    I've got my headphone choices narrowed down to either the Sennheiser HD250 IIs or the Beyerdynamic DT250-80s... I'm unclear which headphone is clearer, though I know both are great on the bass. I know the HD250 IIs have an Impedance of 300, while the dt250-80s have 80... I'm getting a...