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  1. rjalex

    What's your fav cable to link Sansa Clip/Fuze to Altoids/CMoy ?

    Dear friends, I bought a very decent cable for this but it's so stiff and short that the little Sansa player sticks out far from the Altoids can :-(   Is there any better idea for a cable that is short enough and mayne "U shaped" with 90 degrees 3.5 connectors to hold the Sansa close/stuck to...
  2. rjalex

    Please help me, brain melting, unable to choose: IEM for isolation and sleep

    Dear friends, the more I read reviews and find deals on amazon or ebay, the more I am unable to decide :-( I really need your help.   I am looking for an IEM, budget up to 100 (but if there was a gigantic step in quality could stretch a little) to be used in two different settings:   a)...
  3. rjalex

    Rockit Sounds R-50, a few questions

    Read favorable reviews of these IEMs which are in my budget range (around 100).   Not having the possibility of trying them would like to know two opinions:   a) Would they be bearable to use them in bed lying on a side (how much do the protrude) ?   b) My fav genres are classical piano...
  4. rjalex

    iPhone 4S with iOS7, CCK, what else ?

    Dear friends, I am very happy with my little home rig (iMac -> Audirvana ->ODAC+O2 combo -> Mad Dogs) and would love some reccomendations for a portable rig.   I have an iPhone 4S with iOS7 and read that via the Camera Connection Kit I can get the digital signal to an external DAC.   On the...
  5. rjalex

    What is causing this weird noise at the end of a sweep ?

    Dear friends, I have found and put into practice a little plugin script for Audacity to generate tone sweeps.   Whether I listen this from my iMac->headphone out->little H/K speakers   or   iMac->USB->ODAC->O2->Sennheiser HD600   I hear the same "artifacts" if played with Audacity or...
  6. rjalex

    Are all CMoys created equal ? :-)

    Dear friends, I beg for forgiveness but my comprehension of electronics is nil ! :-(   I bought a new headphone to my musician son, a German Maestro 8.35D which he really loves (and I also like them a lot).   In about a month it will be his bday and I am planning to buy him a little Sansa...
  7. rjalex

    Sansa Zip for Mad Dog 3.2

    I have ordere both and will receive them in a little while.   I'll just have to install Rockbox "vanillla" on the former or do you suggest any optional plugins / procedures ?   Is the "Crosstalk" function useful ?   Will a portable AMP be necessary (in the affirmative case does the Zip...
  8. rjalex

    Fiio X3 and Mad Dogs. Good match ?

    I bought Mad Dogs (should receive them in a couple of weeks) and need a DAP or a Dac/Amp to use at the office.   Would the X3 drive them well ?   Thank you and happy XMas
  9. rjalex

    Would love suggestion to go portable :-)

    Dear friends, I hope to receive my new Mad Dog 3.2 with alpha Pads and at home I'll drive them with my ODAC+O2 combo (not portable) from my iMac.   What would you be your suggestion if I'd use my iPod touch 4th gen as a source (with my ALAC files on it) ?   Question 1) I have no idea on how...
  10. rjalex

    Mad Dog versus Momentum

    After so much reading and listening to reviews I have narrowed down my choice of closed headphones to the two models I refer to in the subject.   Much to my surprise I could not find comparisons between them. Anyone owning both able to give me his/her impression ?   I would drive either with...
  11. rjalex

    Difference between Schiit Bifrost and O2 amps

    Dear friends, until a little time ago I was a rather satisfied user of an ODAC+O2 combo driving my Sennheiser HD600 at home. I mostly listen to concerts (piano and viola my fav instruments, Gould, Argerich and Maisky my trinity for that ). Opera, pop (mostly 60, 70 and 80s), jazz (bebop to...