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  1. socrates63

    RIP Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver)

    Another icon from my childhood has left this world. I grew up watching Leave It to Beaver re-runs and loved it. Thanks for the memories, "Mom."
  2. socrates63

    Info on new upcoming Headamp pico POWER Portable Amp?

  3. socrates63

    Seattle Micro Meet (Oct 18, 2009)

    This was probably the shortest meet in HF history -- 40 minutes. A little background to the meet if you can call it that... James (guy in the pics below) was over at my house on Friday, and I found out that he lurks on Head-Fi. He's a starving college student, and he told me that he hopes to...
  4. socrates63

    Boolean search photo tags

    I tag my photos using Windows Live Gallery. Is there a program that allows for boolean searching or filtering of tag values and then displaying them? For example, I want to find all photos that contain "Jacob" AND "Caleb".
  5. socrates63

    Headroom brick-and-mortar store?

    Is there a Headroom brick-and-mortar retail store in Bozeman, or is Headroom strictly a mail order business? I'm asking because the family is considering a trip to Yellowstone this year, and a little side trip to Bozeman for head-fi shopping would be very fun for daddy.
  6. socrates63

    Happy 50th SMURFIVERSARY

    Belgium is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Smurfs! La-la-la-la-la-la~~~ The Smurfs Are Off to Conquer the World — Again HAPPY SMURFIVERSARY
  7. socrates63

    Seattle/Eastside meet 5/26

    After much talk and no action, we have secured a meeting place and time. Head-Fi Seattle/Eastside Meet Who: Registered members of Head-Fi When: Noon to 5pm on May 26 (Saturday) Where: Bellevue Regional Library, Meeting Room 3 Cost: Free. Donations accepted to cover cost of drinks and...
  8. socrates63

    arm band for nano in clear case

    I recently bought a Nano for my wife to use while she works out. The Nano is encased in Contour Design's iSee Nano v2 case. Is there an arm band solution that can fit the Nano encased in a case like this? I saw an arm band at the Apple Store but it could only fit a naked Nano.
  9. socrates63

    My first vinyl rig - Pioneer PL-12D (56k warning)

    After much deliberations, changing my mind multiple times within a given day, I finally put an end to my madness and decided to go for a cheap vintage turntable. The idea behind the decision was that I didn't want to invest so much money (I had been looking into $350 to $900 new and used...
  10. socrates63

    Economically storing vinyl records properly

    I understand that vinyl records should not be stacked horizontally, and should be stored vertically straight. I'm looking for a cheap way of storing records until the time comes when I can buy a nice storage solution (I like the Boltz LP shelves). Currently, my vinyl collection is about 40...
  11. socrates63

    Tattoo Artist Sued Over Penis Tattoo Prank

    I heard about this on the radio during my drive home yesterday. I was laughing silly to myself in the car. I feel bad for the victim, but hilarious nonetheless.
  12. socrates63

    PopPhoto 2006 Annual Reader's Picture Contest

    I was looking through the Jan '07 issue today which has the results from the Annual Reader's Picture Contest. For the Candid/Humor category, there is a photo of a chick (as in baby chicken) with a tiny headphone on its head staring directly at the camera. The results haven't been posted to...
  13. socrates63

    RIP Jack Palance Jack Palance has died of natural causes at the age of 87. He'll be missed. My first introduction to him was as the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not! show.
  14. socrates63

    iRobot cleaning 'bots

    Anyone have any experience with iRobot cleaning 'bots? Do these things actually perform as advertised? We live in a 4000 sq ft house and some automated cleaning help would be good. My wife says she's heard good things about them. We're considering both the Roomba and Scooba models.
  15. socrates63

    Happy birthday Borat!!

    Happy birthday!!
  16. socrates63

    Lot of Head-Fi love going on

    It seems Head-Fi has been receiving a lot of attention (relatively speaking) from the press. The latest issue of the e-magazine ToneAudio also gives pub to our beloved second family. There's even a new section called Headphone Planet written by Aaron Kovics (immtbiker, correct?). I vaguely...
  17. socrates63

    bummed out... left my gear on the plane

    My wife and I flew to San Francisco today with the two kids in tow. But to get to the heart of the matter, I just realized that I left my home rig (see sig) on the plane: iPod, Porta Corda, Xev cable, PX100, E888LP, iPod USB cable, two PowerEx 9v rechargeables all in my Waterfield iPod gadget...
  18. socrates63

    Redbook audio on DVD?

    Is it possible to record Redbook audio tracks onto DVDs and play the DVD on a DVD player? I tried searching here and the web but couldn't come up with anything, so I have the feeling the answer is no.
  19. socrates63

    Impressions: HiGHFLYiN9 mini-to-mini IC

    Six months ago, HiGHFLYiN9 (one of several active DIYers here and a great guy to work with) made a 6" RA mini-to-mini interconnect for me. Nothing out of the ordinary -- his standard fare: "I use 22 gauge silver plated copper in a substantial teflon dielectric, litz braided by hand, and...
  20. socrates63

    Optical/digital out the equalizer of CDP quality?

    Not too long ago, I thought analog line-out was the end-all, be-all of the output for my portable setup. And then I read about something called a DAC, and I discovered optical out. My question is this. Since digital out being what it is, shouldn't all digital out, regardless of the player...
  21. socrates63

    Dreaming about headphones

    I dreamt about headphones this morning... not day dreams (who doesn't dream about headphones, eh?) but I actually dreamt this stuff in my sleep. Can you believe this? I came aboard Head-Fi a little over six months ago, and more and more, I find myself visiting Head-Fi several times a day. In...
  22. socrates63

    help: linking photo from members gallery

    I thought I take advantage of my contributing member status and use the head-fi photo gallery to host a few photos. I uploaded a couple of photos to my head-fi gallery but now how do I find the URL of the photo to use with the img tag?
  23. socrates63

    returned SR225, suggestions?

    With some regret, I shipped the SR225 back to Todd after a couple of weeks. I ordered the SR225 because people said it was the sweet spot in the Grado lineup, and I like the SR60. But I found the sound too harsh in the upper end (I listen mainly to vocals -- jazz, classical, contemp...
  24. socrates63

    Headphone "hair"

    After reading the forum posts, I bought the HD595. Sounded much more detailed than my SR60. BUT the problem is... now don't laugh... it gives me headphone hair because the headband rests on my head (duh). I bought it to use in my office but I can't walk around work with headphone hair. I...