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  1. m11a1

    What's the best audio output from the computer?

    At the moment I'm finishing up my Gamma 2 which I am very much looking forward to. So I suppose my first question is; when connecting to my computer, which is the best output possible from the computer (optical, USB, digital coax)? Do understand that the optical and digital coax are the outputs...
  2. m11a1

    Planning to balance my headphone, I have couple questions

    I have to recable my A700 so I figured why not just do a balanced recable . Anyways, I have a couple questions: on the driver, which is the positive, negative, and ground? Also, since I don't have a balanced amplifier (..yet)...I will need a balance to single as for the...
  3. m11a1

    This is perhaps the most interesting photo I have ever seen in life

    Original photo description: "Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940." Just take a close look at it...but keep in mind that this photo is completely authentic and was taken in 1940. Does anybody see anything strange...or in fact completely out of this world?
  4. m11a1

    where can i get soldering tools like this?

    Afterall, I only have 2 hands.... Also, what other braided sleeving are out there besides Techflex?
  5. m11a1

    I have a question about chemistry...

    So I have a chemistry question here, it's sort of weird and I know its a long shot asking here but I'll go ahead and ask anyways. Is there a chemical that acts endothermically to electrical current? Basically, is there a chemical or substance that absorbs heat when it comes in contact with...
  6. m11a1

    using an unbalanced headphone with a balanced amp that okay? I'm thinking about building a balanced beta 22 but my headphones are not dual XLR terminated, I was thinking that I can get a Y-adaptor for the headphones going from 1/4" to dual XLRs. Is that okay?
  7. m11a1

    best amplifier for gs-1000

    Hey guys! I listen to rock/metal/classical/trance/jazz on my GS-1000. But now, I need a new amplifier, what's the best tube amplifier for the GS-1000.... ..between $0-500? ..between $500-1000? Thanks! And also, does anybody have the amplifier that they recommend that lives in the...
  8. m11a1

    most famous classical piano songs?

    what are your favorite classical piano songs or ones you think are the most famous? my favorites: 1) Beethoven's moonlight sonata 1st movement 2) Debussy's Clair de lune 3) liszt's liebestraum no 3
  9. m11a1

    where can i buy DIY audio cable components?

    I need pure copper/fine silver wires, RCA plugs, sleeves, techflex....that's it, I think. I found a few sites, but I would like to know which ones you guys have purchased at before. And also, any links to guides about DIY interconnects? Thanks!
  10. m11a1

    Is dust bad for tubes?

    It is pretty dusty where I have all of my audio equipment. Would be bad if the dust lands on the the tubes of the RSA Raptor and the WA6 or any tube amp in general?
  11. m11a1 I made a leap of faith today

    so..recently, I have been thinking about getting something new headphone for my setup. I'm not saying I'm tired of my K701, but I could use some bass. So I went about with my research and found that Ultrasone and Beyers are somewhat in my budget. I was thinking the Pro 2500, 990, and HD650, so...
  12. m11a1

    Are there any DIY tube amplifiers?

    Right now, I'm in the process of building my first amplifier, the Beta 22, but I also want to build another one. Except I want my next one to be a tube amplifier, does anyone know any popular or have experience DIY tube amplifiers? Thanks!
  13. m11a1

    Where do I put my amp?

    Here's the setup I currently have. Both sources run to the receiver (Computer and CDP) From the computer to the receiver is the optical cable and from the CDP to the receiver is the digital coax cable. The reason I run everything into the receiver is because I want to play both sources...
  14. m11a1

    Is it possible to rip SACDs?

    Hey guys! Just about to order the iPod Classic soon, I was wondering if it's possible for me to rip my SACD into audio files that still retain the sound quality and be able to play them on the iPod? Thanks!
  15. m11a1

    What's the best portable headphone amp?

    What's the best portable headphone amp that I can buy (not build) if money isn't an issue. Ifs for driving my K701 and the source is lossless Ipod classic if that matters. So far, here's the ones I have looked at: - iBasso D1 - Microshar uAMP107B - Practical Devices XM4 - C&C XO - CORDA...
  16. m11a1

    My new K701 came in today..

    ...and I'm already in love with it. Beautiful design, the white color choice looks just gorgeous. And the sound quality, I'm in awe how well they sound. However, they were just what I had expected before, the highs and mediums are just excellent, but the low, well....there's just barely any. I...