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  1. robster

    Please reccommend a DVD player with optical out

    Howdy Looking for a DVD player with audio optical out for under $200 that I can use to play my CD's connected to my Benchmark Dac1 and I'll also use the same DVD player to play DVD's on the T.V. soon to be purchased flat LCD screen 720p 40 inch. I'll need a DVD player with optical out...
  2. robster

    FS: 8 ft. pair Analysis Plus Oval speaker cable

    FS: a 8 ft. pair of Analysis Plus Oval-Theatre CL3 speaker cable terminated with bannana plugs. New cost was over $195. Asking $45 OBO shipped. Cheers, Robert
  3. robster

    FS: Blue Jeans mini to RCA 1 meter

    FS: a mint extremely well made by Blue Jeans cables 1 meter RCA to mini cable,that's 1/8 mini canare plug on one end and RCA plugs on the other end. $15 shipped CONUS. Pay Pal preferred Cheers, Robert
  4. robster

    Imod vs. H140 optical out to iBasso D1 which has best SQ?

    Hey will someone please in the near future A/B a 5.5G Imod with the new ALO V2 dock using a amp such as a Xin Reference or RSA Hornet to a iRiver H120 using optical out to a iBasso D1 with headphones like the AKG 701's.. Snagging a H120 on Ebay for $150 and the $250 Ibasso is a very...
  5. robster

    What's your thoughts on best closed portable cans?

    Howdy- regretfully I sold my Senn Hd-25-1's a while back and now I want to get back into portable audio. what closed lightweight portable cans are considered among the best? AKG K81 DJ's and the Senn HD-25's 1's and the 2's ..? are there other closed lightweight cans available I should...
  6. robster

    WTB: Senn 580 stock cable

    Howdy I need a stock Senn 580 cable with 1/8 mini plug. Cheers, Robert
  7. robster

    iRiver H140 battery replacement?

    Howdy-can you please tell me if there is a reapir guy or DIY guy for a fee that can replace the battery in my iRiver H140 player? I realize there's a tutorial on the Misticriver site on how to do it,but I really really don't want to do it myself and goof up my H140. Thanks, Robert
  8. robster

    Right angle mini optical cable where can I buy one?

    Howdee-looking for a right angle terminated mini optical cable,any ideas who sells them? I don't want a adapter,cause they may break. Thanks, Robert
  9. robster

    Question about LaRocco PRII charging?

    Howdee-I just bought a second hand 4-month-old LaRocco PRII with stock nimah batteries how long should I charge it up for,15 hours? Many thanks, Robert
  10. robster

    XIN SuperMacro IV vs. LaRocco PRII ??

    Howdee-has anybody compared the latest XIN SuperMacro IV against a LaRocco (PR II) Pocket Reference II? I realize the XIN SuperMacro IV has only been out for a short time. Cheers, Robert
  11. robster

    Looking for premium mini cable to fit in Headroom minibag

    Howdee-I'm looking for a premium mini/mini cable that's flexible enough to fit in my Headroom mini bag,I'm currently using a 6 inch Cardas but I'm looking to upgrade. I would like the cable to fit inside the minibag zippered closed with my RWA Ipod and Xin SuperMacro IV amp. I ordered a RnB...
  12. robster

    Redwine Imod Ipod owners are you using Rockbox?

    Howdee-I have a Redwine Imod-ed Ipod using I-Tunes, all my music from my cd collection that I have imported at Apple Lossless. Is there a big enough sound difference for me to make the effort to switch to Rockbox? I'm EXTREMELY techno-challenged.I'm not stupid,computers just don't like me. If...
  13. robster

    Batteries for XIN Supermacro IV ?

    Howdee all-I just ordered a XIN Supermacro IV and I'm guesiing it does not come with batteries. It takes 8-AAA's what brand of rechargeables do you reccommend? and are Eveready recargeables o.k.? Cheers, Robert
  14. robster

    which sounds best XIN SMIV or Larocco PRII?

    Howdee-in u'r educated opinion which sounds best for portable use a Larocco PRII or XIN Super Macro IV? I ordered a XIN SuperMacro IV but maybe I should of bought a Larocco PRII? Portable use only,I'm using a Redwine Imod-ed Ipod,AKG 701's for home and Senn PX-100's for outdoors. Right now...
  15. robster

    I ordered a XIN SuperMacro IV,gotta question for u?

    O.K. I ordered the XIN SuperMacro IV yesterday and in my order I asked DR. Xin for the OPA2134 which I read previuously Skylab saying it was a warm tube like sounding OPA. That's the sound I'm looking for a warm "tube-like" analog sound. All the OPA's and chips and buffers and the such are...
  16. robster

    Portable amp choice for under $250

    Howdee-well a few months ago I sold my Redwine modded Ipod and Hornet amp.BOY was that STUPID! so I've decided to get another Redwine Imod-ed IPod and so I'll need a portable amp. So many choices for amps. I'll be using it with Senn PX 100's so what's a good choice for a amp under $250. I'm...
  17. robster

    Fisher 400 tube receiver question

    Hello Fisher 400 tube reciever owners,the two 12ax7 tubes directly behind the dial glass,that's the preamp section right? what's the function of each tube in this section. I think it's V8 V9? not sure I don't have a manual. just the 2 closest to the dail glass up front. I have 2-5751's I would...
  18. robster

    O.K. I have a Hornet,what next?

    O.K. I started with my very first headphone amp a few months ago,RS Hornet so I could go portable. But with my home system,which is separates,I'm using the hornet as my headphone amp too. Hooking the hornet to the tape out on my tube preamp and using my tt and cdp as sources. Cans are Grado...
  19. robster

    RS-1's w/Hornet amp? low or mid gain??

    Hello-I have a newly purchased pair of Grado RS-1's and I'm using them with my Ray Samuels Hornet amp,should I be using low or mid gain? also should I give the RS-1's 200 hours to burn in. I bought them used,but the seller only used them twice,he said. And I have well over 200 hours on the...
  20. robster

    Which way do TTVJ Flats face on RS-1's

    Hi guys/gals,which way do I face the TTVJ Flats on my RS-1's. DO I place the side with the cuts in the foam toward my big head? Cheers, Robert
  21. robster

    Sony SRF S84 FM/AM pocket radio is awesome!!

    Hello-I bought a used Sony SRF S84 FM/AM pocket radio modifed by Dr. XIN from a Head-Fi forum member recently. It's an incredible tuner! sound is 3-d like and pulls in weak stations like a champ!! XIN is sold out,not sure if he's just temorarily out or if he's out of stock for good. But there...
  22. robster

    Hornet battery question

    Hello-I have the RS Hornet amp and Tysonic rechargeable battery. How long should I charge the battery for? Cheers, Robert
  23. robster

    RnB mini cable is AWESOME!! and Sick!!

    O.K. I shouldn't use the term sick,but I'm trying to be hip for an old man. My RnB Diamond mini to mini 5 inch cable arrived yesterday,and it sounds great! sick,bad,awesome,kewl ...all audiophile terms,LOL.. But I do notice an improvement in the mids and highs,more transparent and some string...
  24. robster

    Basic headphone amp question

    O.K I have a pair of of Sennhieser 650's that I bought to listen to my ipod and hornet amp with,I'm pleased with the sound pretty much so,using the ipod dock and a earcandy 9inch mini cable from the dock to the hornet amp. O.K now I want to listen to my main system with headphones. My...
  25. robster

    Headphones for running etc.?

    Hello-I'm a newbie,so your advice is greatly appreciated. I'm using a ipod 5G 30GB Video,Sennheiser 650's to arrive tomarrow for indoors,already have in ear canal earphones Shure E4C's and a sendstation pocket dock and Hornet amp which arrived today. I would like to get a third,CHEAP,set of...