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  1. Chuck Canada

    Does anyone use David Clark Headphones as an Audio File?

    Hey guys I have always noticed David Clark cans popping up here and there for years now and I have been wondering does anyone use them as like someone would say a set of Beyerdynamix T1 or something, you know for music and movies and what not? If anyone out there has used a pair of David Clark...
  2. Chuck Canada

    Reply to review by 'chuck canada' on item 'Audio Technica S700BT'

    Nice review thanks, I'm semi sorta in the market for bluetooth cordless headphones I may take these into considderation. 
  3. Chuck Canada

    Reply to review by 'chuck canada' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones'

    I own a pair of DT 990- 600 ohm ''not pro'' headphones and I love them. I too listen to a lot of classical and opera both modern and classic-classical, I really like the open sound stage on my headphones. They have great build quality like you mentioned and only after three years of almost daily...
  4. Chuck Canada

    The headphones for movies thread

    I made a thread movies for headphones but it seems to be dead already. However since I got my Meze 99 Clasics I've watch a few movies like Rogue One which was good on these cans and I re watched Gladiator one of my all time favorites and surprisingly these headphones did really well on the...
  5. Chuck Canada

    Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

    I have had my 99 Classics for about two weeks now, I used two files from this website for the burn in process I did 40 hours of pink noise as well as sinlog2 for my burn in. I do the same on all my headphones and I do it just a touch past listening volume. "That was two weeks ago roughly when I...
  6. Chuck Canada

    Best Movies for Headphones?

    Inception is a really good movie I just enjoy it because of its complexity in the story, even after watching it a few times it still has the complexity to make me think. Soundtrack and the effects are great too.    Thanks for the reply.
  7. Chuck Canada

    Best Movies for Headphones?

    Hi guys I wanted to start a thread here since I haven't seen one with this topic yet,   What do you guys think the best movies for headphones would be and what are you're favorites to watch with headphones?       Please leave a comment below.       My favorite movie for music would be...
  8. Chuck Canada

    Best open or close headphones /600 ohms for 600 dollars

    Thanks for the replys guys I wound up getting a set of Meze Audio headphones. They should arrive lat this week early next week. 
  9. Chuck Canada

    Best open or close headphones /600 ohms for 600 dollars

    No I don't use my motherboards sound I have a sound card it is just an Asus Xonar DG, desktop amp is a Fiio E09K. 
  10. Chuck Canada

    Looking for opinions on 600$ Closed back, over ear headphones

    As always thanks so much guys for the replies I'm sure that with that info you guys have given I can pick out a pair now.    I will of course do some more research and look up multiple reviews mostly here on on "Head-Fi'' but elsewhere as well and maybe make a new thread once I get them and...
  11. Chuck Canada

    Looking for opinions on 600$ Closed back, over ear headphones

    Hey guys I'm looking to treat myself to a new pair of cans, I currently use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 -600ohm cans and I love them, they have a great sound stage, decent mids and lows with some punch bass and with my setup they get quite bright which I like. But I am looking for a pair of...
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  13. Chuck Canada

    Review by 'Chuck Canada' on item 'FiiO E09K'

    I have been using a E09K to power my DT990 600ohm cans for over two years now, long enough that I don't really remember exactly when I got it but for sure over two years.  I use this thing every single day for hours each day because it is part of what I use for my work.  It literally could blow...
  14. Chuck Canada

    DT990 brightness?

    Glass breaking in movies is the only thing I find to sound too bright to me with my Dt990 600 ohm cans. Other than that sometimes the odd violin can cause me to turn down the high end in on my e.q. Otherwise they aren't too bright I think they are nice and bright.    I also thought that the...
  15. Chuck Canada

    DT880 vs DT990 | Comparison & Review

    Lol what a waste, looks like a child's temper tantrum hahah. If you didn't like them you could have sold them as used but in new condition.    Btw mine don't have terrible highs, they are a bit bright but I adjust my E.Q. accordingly. Bass is nice and clean and punchy not overpowering. I agree...
  16. Chuck Canada

    Sennheiser HD 650 paired with the fiio e09k. Not powerful enough.

    I have the Asus Xonar DG sound card, Fiio E09K amp and DT 990 600ohm cans. There is plenty of power in the E09K to overdrive my cans if I wanted to, to be honest when I go above half volume is physically hurts my ears so I can safely say the E09K can definitely drive 600ohm cans with ease.   ...
  17. Chuck Canada

    DT880 vs DT990 | Comparison & Review

    I've owned my DT990 600 Ohm premium cans for around a month now one thing I have noticed is that low quality music gets very muddy sounding at high volumes, sub bass gets sloppy sounding mids fall rite off and highs aren't bright.   So I have had to upgrade all of my music to at least FLAC...
  18. Chuck Canada

    Review by 'Chuck Canada' on item 'Ear Force Z6A True 5.1 Surround Sound PC Over Ear Gaming Headset with Mic'

    I owned a pair of the Z6A headphones and got them to replace my broken Turtle Beach HPA2 headphones. Lets just say I still wound up using the HPA2's two weeks after the Z6A's arrived.   Cons: Very poor sound quality, Cheep plastic parts that will brake, Notorious for having lose wires in the...
  19. Chuck Canada

    FIIO E09K desktop headphone amp not that loud with beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm

    I have just ordered a Asus Xonar DG sound card, Fiio E09K amp and Beyerdynamic DT 990- 600Ohm cans. This is kind of my gift to myself a sort of thing I do every year with my income tax. This year it's like close to around 5-600$ in audio:p I'm so thrilled to get this new stuff I can not wait, I...