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  1. Voodoochile

    marantz dv7600 mods

    Figured it's time to post up some details on the light mods to my Marantz DV7600. This is the same source I had at the NYC meet recently; it has PSU, coupling, and chassis damping mods at that time. This weekend I reclocked it at long last. Short history: Used to own a NAD C541i; got a Toshi...
  2. Voodoochile

    CCS for tube amps

    Specifically, I've been looking into depletion-mode mosfets as a CCS for a tube amp. The SOHA uses one, for example. In researching this further, I thought I'd check out Gary Pimm's CCS projects, which is really interesting as well. Of course using a mosfet cascode improves the performance...
  3. Voodoochile

    Ear+HD chassis and layout (updated pics page 3)

    <<new pics added at post #52, page 3>> Finally got the layout for my hotrodded Ear+HD finished, and have some pics. I was originally planning on brushed aluminum, but since the transformer pots are stainless, decided to take that road instead. Started by moving around paper items on a...
  4. Voodoochile

    tube tester price ranges from ebay

    This is the real useless information thread! As if there was nothing else to do, I've been watching some of the silly prices being paid on ebay for tube testers, such as the popular Hickok 539C. Ebayers can tend to get out of hand on a lot of gear, but some of these were so outrageous, I...
  5. Voodoochile

    looking for info on glass pilot jewels

    Wondering if any of you have ever seen small glass pilot light jewels? I have seen the vintage big type, like on some old guitar amps. I'm loking for one to suit an LED, preferably with a tiny brushed or chromed bushing. The plastic LED holder/lens all-in-one variety works pretty well, I have...
  6. Voodoochile

    Zen Micro...

    Has anyone cracked one of these open yet? I think I'm ready, but it would be nice to see what anyone else has found thus far. Anyone taken the plunge?
  7. Voodoochile

    Millett Hybrid coupling caps...

    I'm curious what folks are settling on for coupling caps in this amp. Specifically, is anyone stepping outside the realm of Panasonic or Wima, with Cerafine or Muse for the electro? On my first amp, built on Pete's original board, I used 100uF/100v Muse KZ caps, with film and foil Panasonic...
  8. Voodoochile

    Scary advert for a used Fluke DMM

    No one needs a used meter this badly.
  9. Voodoochile

    Go Sox!

    Yeah Baby!
  10. Voodoochile

    Nixon DacKit mini-review

    Scott Lindeman has a real nice mini-review of the DacKit he has built over in the Source Components forum. He posted it there because you can also buy a commercially assembled version of the product. Nice build, Scott; and a nice write-up as well. Illustrated for your viewing pleasure.
  11. Voodoochile

    Excellent book for any DIY-inclined

    I had ordered this book from the local Borders store a while back, and just got a chance to go through it the other night at last. Work is killing my free time lately. The title is 'Building Valve Amplifiers', and it was written by the illustrious Morgan Jones (who lurks about here now and...
  12. Voodoochile

    Happy Birthday jpelg!

    ...and many more. The original batman, accept no substitutes. Have a great day, Jimmy!
  13. Voodoochile

    finished my PPA (with pics now)

    Pics further down thread now. Well, it's more than 90% finished as of last night. Sorry- no pics yet, but maybe tonight. I started it about a year ago, and it has been living on a piece of plywood with it's power supply for the last ten months. I finally started casing it recently, and...
  14. Voodoochile

    Ray Charles has died

    Apparently he passed away this morning at age 73, liver complications. Damn, this is a sad day.
  15. Voodoochile

    Par & FPE PPA pics (~12sec@56k)

    Just finished retrofitting sovkiller's PPA with the Diamond buffer module, and took a few more pics. I originally built this amp into a black Par chassis per sov's request. He (so far ) likes the amp well enough to have had a faceplate made from Front Panel Express, and since then also decided...
  16. Voodoochile

    Eichmann Topper...???

    I hate to sound like a skeptic, but has anyone tried this? No, I'm not shopping for any resonance control stuff, I just stumbled across it. I've never felt more skeptical, but who knows, perhaps it works wonders? Anyone out there tried it?
  17. Voodoochile

    AD8610 on Browndog pic (~2 seconds@56k)

    By request... the bottom and top with orientation. Note the yellow dot on the browndog, as well as the notch on the amp at pin one.
  18. Voodoochile

    mint-sonica hackjob (54k total)

    No electronic ingenuity going on here, just regular hacking and fitting to make this more convenient... I've been using a Sonica USB DAC with my laptop for a while now, and while not a stunning piece, it's a substantial improvement over the onboard sound. But you needed the DAC, an amp...
  19. Voodoochile

    Miniature Pete Millett Mint Hybrid amp is finished!

    Well, it's been a long and tedious journey, but this marvel is finished at last! Link to Image Even with all the rare parts scrounging, I still could not get it to fit right on the Altoids box, so I ended up having one custom-fabricated by the Cadbury people. It's actually about 4.5" x 2.75"...
  20. Voodoochile

    Calling Mr. Gilmore: transistor matching

    Hi Kevin- I, and I'm sure many others, have been noting higher voltages when matching up transistors for the Dynamic amp. As an example, I just finished sorting through about 110+ (NPN)2sc1815's. The distribution of values is like this: 30% 11.94v 30% 11.95v 30% 11.97v and two or three...
  21. Voodoochile

    [pics warning] most minor PS mod ever

    Hey, I said this was going to be minor... I finished up the NAPS-1 using the board I made with trimpot pads for setting the output. While I was poring over the datasheets for the Linear Tech regs, I noted that there was mention of how critical it is to keep the 'feedback' resistors (R1 and R2 in...
  22. Voodoochile

    Uncle of power supply porn thread, v2.4

    Allright, this is getting old, I won't do it again. I made some adjustments to the layout to accomodate trimpots vs the fixed adjustment resistors. I also spent about two hours with the graphics tablet cleaning the traces. It's as sharp as a tack now. I used decent epoxy glass board from...
  23. Voodoochile

    brother-in-law of PS porn, v2.3

    After making erix's version of the Stokes PS PCB, I thought I'd take a crack at making a mock Welborne PS1 PCB: It is mostly the same, except my bridge bypass caps are .33uF, and the larger caps are Nichion Muse rather than the Elnas that Welborne offers. Same Linear Tech regulators. I also...
  24. Voodoochile

    Any Parasound Halo owners out there?

    Title says it all. I'm considering the A23 amp and P3 preamp. I'm pretty familiar with the original Parasound line (and like it). The Halo line has balanced connections, and somewhat better current handling, it would seem. The amp is only $150 more than the 1000A amp in the classic line of...
  25. Voodoochile

    power supply porn

    Now that I'm almost finished this PS, I though it fitting to put up some pics. This is my smoothest/quietest PS to date... I keep meaning to post some pics of the smaller single and double units. This one will end up in a 1-unit rack chassis (13"x8", without the ears) alongside an amp (yet to...