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  1. nickyboyo

    This "Apple" USB Hub WILL Work With iPad 4 with CCK > DAC

    Greetings wing, not only great taste in watches mate, not bad taste in portable amps either ;) the predator is a great little unit...
  2. nickyboyo

    Upgrading from an Ibasso P3+

    I'm still using mine, awesome amp and very portable with the aaa batteries. Tried playing around with new chip sets?
  3. nickyboyo

    Does the RSA predator require burn-in?

    If you look on old Predator threads in the portable amp section, you will find the Predator benefits from 1000's of hours burn in to fully tighten up. Once done, it does sound very. very nice.
  4. nickyboyo

    Is it possible to determine if a Ety ER4 is a P or S model whithout listening to it?

    If you have a mini multimeter, take it along with you. The resistance in the 4P signal cable will be 27 ohms, and 100 in the 4S.  
  5. nickyboyo

    Can-con 2 (Sydney 2012) Meet Aug 18th 3:30 to 8:30pm (near Epping station)

    Tralucent Audio was a nice addition. Their iems were superb, but for me, for what i use iems for, my er4's do the job admirably. Their little amp was outstanding though. I thought i had heard it all, from iBasso's very tweakable amp and amp/dac combos' to Xin's offerings- their little amp...
  6. nickyboyo

    Can-con 2 (Sydney 2012) Meet Aug 18th 3:30 to 8:30pm (near Epping station)

    Fantastic meet folks, it was really good to see some old faces again, and meet some new. Where will the impressions thread be??? Even though i had to leave rather abrubtly, i still experienced some awesome gear, and i would like to note down my thoguhts. It is hard to believe things have...
  7. nickyboyo

    * HELP! Etymotic ER-4 cable broken! *

    End the agony....the same thing happened to me. This is the set up i use now- Westone cable and Ety P adaptor, it is very sturdy and sounds great. Good for the gym to:   Westone ES cable-...
  8. nickyboyo

    budget audiophile flac portable player?..

    I second the call for the Cowon iAudio 7. 16 gb, really really good battery life, fantastic sound quality, handles all formats. This is my main rig now, paired with ety ER4p's it is a superb rig- you just have to learn to live with the user interface (if only it was like the Sony S63* series). 
  9. nickyboyo

    'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody,, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

    This hall isn't a council building. It is the masonic temple on York Street- a rub of the nose, followed by the scratch of the crotch whilst your left trouser leg is raised 3 1/2" above the ankle whilst facing East, in the right company, can produce some unexpected results. I will have more...
  10. nickyboyo

    'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody,, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

    Let me know the final/preferred date and i will see if i can get hold of the keys to a nice old hall in Fairfield for the day. Lots of tables, solid brick building with concrete floor and large enough to easily hold a national meet (if ever needed).
  11. nickyboyo

    P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

    Ron, quick question, is the P4 a noticeable step up from the P3+ sonically? The P3+ has the advantage of being powered by batteries you can buy in a supermarket. Does the sonic difference outweigh the ease of battery replacement aspect with the P3+?
  12. nickyboyo

    My ALL 'Portable Source Gear' Cassette Boombox Ghettoblaster Do You Aggree? title of this thread & this column

    Got to love the boomboxes, good forum here folks for all you gblaster freaks:
  13. nickyboyo

    Anything in current production that can match the Xin SuperMicro (size/quality/price)?

    For the size, i have heard nothing that comes close to the supermicro. It is an amazing little amplifier, you could almost say jawdropping. I have listened to a few small sized amps from fiio and ibasso, and as good as they all are, none compare to the supermicro.
  14. nickyboyo

    Head-Fi Giveaway: Nationite S:Flo2 8GB - NaNite N2 8GB - 2x Brainwavz M3, 2x M2 - Win Some Loot for Just Saying Hi!

    Very generous give away. Too good an opportunity to miss not to say hello and happy new head-fiers
  15. nickyboyo

    Replacement cable for ER4's ?

    Good day folks,   I have just caught my ER4 cable once again, and the sound has dropped out of one of the channels. I have emailed Etymotic enquiring about a replacement cable, but after my last dealing with them, as good as their service was, it reeks of effort just to replace a cable.  ...
  16. nickyboyo

    Sydney/Blue Mountain Meet July 11

    John, great work on organising a western Sydney meet. It looks like it's going to be a corker. See you all there
  17. nickyboyo

    will i be able to get my er4p fixed?

    My ER4Ps were in a far worse condition than your pair goo. After they inspected them they informed me that they were beyond repair. They then let me buy a new set of transducers and a new P cable for $130. Mine had had some serious abuse and were a good few years old, so you will probably...
  18. nickyboyo

    The iBasso P3+ Herron has made its way to my door and there are images and more . . .

    Good day ihyan2, the 797's are fine to use as buffers. I use the 2111/627 set up as spud suggests above, except with the 797's as buffers- it sounds fantastic. It drives my MS-1's beautifully and even manages to cope with my Akg K701's very well indeed. You can't go wrong with Spud or Ron's...
  19. nickyboyo

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Soon folks will realise this band from South Wales have earnt and fully deserve their place amongst the greats. Go the Manics....
  20. nickyboyo

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    This watch has infected my brain ever since i fist saw it here in this thread: If any one has one of these which they don't wear or appreciate please drop me a line (it is the mechanical model shown in the picture which is 34mm in diameter that i would like to possess one day).
  21. nickyboyo

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    This has been on serious heavy rotation during the holidays so far: Probably my favourite Neil Young album with some of my favourite all time tracks. It is also very easy to drink beer and gin and tonic while listening to it as well. All the best for the new year folks
  22. nickyboyo

    Ibasso D4 / T3 Review Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by dongringo I got the T3 because I needed a more portable, lighter amp for mp3 player that would fit into my pants pocket and cycling jersey pocket. The T3 must be a near perfect amp for that purpose bud. I love the size, sound and the price of the...
  23. nickyboyo

    MP3 player ~$200

    I saw JB Hifi are selling the new iRiver E30 for $88, i haven't read to much about ti so far though.
  24. nickyboyo

    Is HeadAmp A reputable Company?

    Try dealing with Xin and you will soon realise that Justin's communication, however slow, is A1.
  25. nickyboyo

    your oppinion

    RSA SR-71. Great amp, but still didn't drive the K701's to their full capability, to my ears anyway.