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  1. ihearnoises1981

    4!!! AKG k271 mods that can greatly change your experience with them!! EARGASM (PLURAL) AWAITS!!!

    bounjour, hi-fi community            Before you even start doing these three mods MAKE SHURE YOU BURN IN YOU K271 FOR 200HOURS!!!!!!NOT WITH MUSIC EITHER!!!! or else it will render some of these mods pointless!! i did my burn in with pink, white noise with 2 frequency sweeps running all at...
  2. ihearnoises1981

    q701 and k271(k702 cable differences?

    hey hifi community lately i have been alternating cables (since they identical terminations) between my q701 and k271(same cable as k702) and the difference came to me in the first listen, since (not to be modest or anything) i and my fellow audiophiles around town believe i have "golden ears"...
  3. ihearnoises1981

    Why don't the AKG K271's get more love? + AKG K240 and AKG K271 chart comparison( page 2)

    hi i'm somewhat new to this hifi website but i've been a long time audiophile(27 years to be exact) since i got extremely inclined and interested in audio when i was 15 and i decided to join the audiophile bandwagon. back on topic, the akg k271 is always looked down on 240 owners and also non...