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  1. EdT

    Jbl 510

    Anyone tried or auditioned these ? Not that I would buy them, but I noticed that they are selling side by side with Boses at the larger chains stores for around the same ridicoulisly high prices. JBL Home Audio
  2. EdT

    Grado Drivers

    Can someone confirm if Grado actually makes them in house ? For those that did the factory tour, did you guys actually see them making the drivers, like winding the copper coil onto the drivers and them forming the diaphrams and assembling them together or you just saw them inserting the...
  3. EdT

    I Wanna Downgrade

    ...alot ! Had RS1s and don't think they are worth what they are in terms of the "quality", please find the true meaning of the word before you comment, this is coming from someone whose been in the quality assurance field for 20+ years. So for under $100CAD ( I had to put the CAD in...
  4. EdT

    Free Online Hearing Test Inside !

    Thank me later
  5. EdT

    Cans with Soundstage ?

    What are the best phones with large and wide soundstage unamp ? Grados are great for clarity, but no soundstage. I am used to TA-10 T-Amp based width, depth, height and layers of details in the soundstages, so my phone listening has not reached those standards yet.
  6. EdT

    Bigger Gauge Wire in Grado 225 and Up ?

    I noticed the hollow tubes leading from the Y to the cups is filled pretty snug on my SR325i compared to my SR80, so are the wires a bigger gauge on the higher end Grados ?
  7. EdT

    Beyer Leather Headband

    Anyone know where I can get one for my Grado ?
  8. EdT

    Good Deal 1/8-1/4 Plugs

    Since I can't post on the sell/trade site yet. Heres a good deal for some who want to make some $$$. These are the type of plugs found on original Grados and Senns. Senn is asking for $4.42us each on their site...
  9. EdT

    More Members for Head-Fi ?

    Look what is coming out of the wood work at my local car forum I will tell them about Head-Fi once everyone has reported in ...LoL dang where is the devil with a can on ?
  10. EdT

    Musician Amp Good Enough ?

    I was wondering if multi channel musician amps such as Berhinger, Rolls or ArtAccessories etc... good enough audiophile quality for us headfiers ? The reason is that not many people bid on these amps from the audiophile side of things, but I am wondering if they are good enough for studios...
  11. EdT


    I know they are somewhere between a 325i and RS2/RS1, anyone have more photos of these ? Theres a pair going on eBay for over $330 now, is that insane ? I know they are collectors item with J. Grado signature, but their looks seems miss mismatched with the wooden button.
  12. EdT

    The Yamaha Sound !

    Does anyone have a Yamaha soundcard in their set-up ? and if you do, do you find the output is more dynamic, transparent and higher than other soundcards ? I nevr had a chance to compare it with another soundcard since I am so impressed with SQ of this card and never upgraded for 7+ years...
  13. EdT

    GS1 Pads

    Can someone tell me if the pads on the GS1 fit the other Grado series ? and if they do where can I get them ?