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  1. sysfail

    Jumping from the HD650 to the HD800.

    I need some input from people that has heard both or own both the HD650 and HD800. I am very much enjoying the HD650 with the Modi 2 Uber + Valhalla 2 setup and I'd like to know if jumping to the HD800 can take the experience even further. If so, to what degree (huge/obvious or slight/subtle)...
  2. sysfail

    Need some help about receivers.

    Hello, I am kind of new to passive speakers and receivers so I need some help.   I am thinking of getting a pair of these speakers (Polk Audio Monitor 70).   I know I will also need a receiver to play music...
  3. sysfail

    Swan M10 vs Swan M200MKII

    I am looking at these 2 Swan speakers. Is the M200MkII worth the price difference from the M10 (night and day difference?), or is the M10 the better bang for the buck compared to the M200MKII? Keep in mind the M200MkII is about twice the price of the M10.   I just need some nice speakers...
  4. sysfail

    Been over 2 months and headphones haven't arrived yet. Need help.

    I bought a headphone from someone here that lives in Poland on May 13th, 2011 and the item has not arrived to this day. I received a tracking number from the seller, and the item got held up in customs, but tracking said it left the customs facility and was on its way to the US on May 27th...
  5. sysfail

    Sell almost all my gear for an Audeze LCD-2?

    I have been considering really hard on selling almost all my headphones to fund a LCD-2. Ever since I got my Thunderpants, I fell in love with the orthodynamic sound signature. Now I want to get the best possible open orthodynamic with wood on its housing and the Audeze LCD-2 meets those exact...
  6. sysfail

    Looking for different Audio Technica AD900 Pads.

    The stock AD900 pads really irritate my skin and makes it itchy so I need something else to replace it because I can't wear these headphones for more than 5 minutes, but I love them! I searched around and found that Audio Cubes has some solutions like the ATH-W5000 replacement pads, but it's way...
  7. sysfail

    Can I trust Amazon on my purchase of the AKG 240S?

    I just now found a "Just Launched" seller named "DJEquipmentStore" on and they are selling brand new AKG 240S for 49.99 + shipping. That's a STEAL! So I bought it right away. But since they are "Just Launched" I am really worrying if I made a bad decision because there is no reviews...
  8. sysfail

    Denon D2000/D5000 vs Ultrasone PRO 900

    I have been set on getting an Ultrasone PRO 900, but I've been looking around and found that the Denon D2000/D5000 also compete well against the PRO 900 within the same price range. I want to get one last pair of closed headphones that will provide a different sound signiture from the headphones...
  9. sysfail

    Sennheiser HD 600 with FiiO e7 + e9 combo.

    Has anyone ever tried these together? If so, how does it sound when playing a large range of rock music from indie to metal?          Also, would the FiiO e7 alone be able to work with the HD 600s? Or is the Fiio e9 definitely needed as well? Thanks in advance!          
  10. sysfail

    Sennheiser HD 600 Questions.

    Hi I'm new to the forums but have been addicted to this hobby for a while now, and I always come here (from google search) to look up information on headphones and amps.   So I've been researching for a more high-end open headphone and ended up with the HD 600 as the ones I'll probably buy...