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  1. Alfiax

    A Very Compact Hybrid Amp

    Quote: Would you say it was a difficult build? Not exceedingly difficult: the process of assembly was similar to any other through-hole board. However, the density of parts on this board is significantly higher than in most amplifiers, which leaves out several luxuries present in...
  2. Alfiax

    NOS PCC88 / 7DJ8 which rebrand? Win a pair. :)

    The use of a flying saucer getter and the style of the mica supports suggests Soviet manufacture- a reboxed and relabeled 6n23p? I'm going to guess from the Reflektor and not Kaluga factory as the plate ends appear to be closed and not "pi-shaped".
  3. Alfiax

    Russian military surplus caps, PIOs, worth the money?

    Kwtubes (Gintaras Sakenas) is a very well reputed seller and my personal experience with him has been excellent. Note that you'll have to pay with a money order though, no paypal. I'm not a cap connoisseur but the K40Y9 series is reputed to be of very high quality. In general, the Soviet...
  4. Alfiax

    Want to buy a tube tester, need a little help...

    If there's a hamfest coming up in your area, you might want to give that a try. Hams are usually happy that their old equipment gets used and aren't as tied into the price-gouging eBay scene, so you might be able to get a tester for a price that's closer to what it's really worth.
  5. Alfiax

    My Van Waarde PSU

    sbelyo: I think he's just saying that the tube should be very hot.
  6. Alfiax

    2SK389 Replacement for dynahi

    Linear Systems is willing to sell its LSK389 directly in low quantities; the price quote I got from them was reasonable, in the four dollar range if I recall correctly. They seem to have a different package than the 2sk389, and the specs are 'improved' over the older part. I don't know enough to...
  7. Alfiax

    Good, cheap pots

    got a load of these from the goldmine today- very nice construction, and a great deal obviously. I'm wondering if these can be disassembled and recombined into 4-gang or greater? I also dropped six dollars on the G9231 'super electronic surprise box'. Recommendation: everybody needs to try...
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