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  1. Sprkd1

    Best settings for Handbrake when converting for iPhone 6s?

    I have a bunch of video files in varying formats. I've been told Handbrake is probably the best option for converting these files into iPhone 6s-friendly formats. My question is, what settings should I use so that I maintain the original quality of the audio and video while converting the file...
  2. Sprkd1

    JBL LSR305 + LSR310S + Titanium HD

    I currently have a Titanium HD and Corsair SP2500 speakers with my desktop PC. I am thinking of replacing the SP2500 speakers with 2 x LSR305 + 1 x LSR310S for a 2.1 setup. My question is how will I connect the speakers and subwoofer to my Titanium HD sound card that only has left and right RCA...
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    Best amp for Sony MDR-7520 and X-Fi Titanium HD?

    I have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card in my desktop and I am planning on getting the Sony MDR-7520 headphones. The main goal is excellent sound for PC gaming. Any recommendations for an amp? The max I would like to spend is $300. I don't want a DAC because I want to use my...
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    Good idea to store iPod touch with IEMs attached in a sunglasses pouch?

    I will be traveling soon. Just wondering if I can carry around my iPod touch with the IEMs attached in a sunglasses pouch when not in use. I will also be taking my laptop with me so I will store the iPod touch with the IEMs attached in the sunglasses pouch and store the pouch in the laptop bag...
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    Is listening to bright speakers or IEMs bad for your ears?

    If you find a certain IEM bright but continue to listen to it, is it bad for your ears? When I first got the Sony MDR-NC22, they were EXTREMELY bright. They would make me cringe. However, I continued to use them because they were the only set I had. Over time, the brightness sorta died-out and...
  6. Sprkd1

    Sony XBA-3 right earpiece buzzing at certain frequencies

    Recently got a new XBA-3 from Amazon. The right earpiece buzzes at certain frequencies when the volume is loud. I think it has to do with the bass but I am not sure. What could it be? Anyone else have this?
  7. Sprkd1

    Is it bad to turn or twist the stereo mini plug when it is plugged into a device?

    Just wondering if it is bad to turn or twist the stereo mini plug when it is plugged into a device. Does it scratch it? Wear it out? What about the device? Does it cause some wear to it as well?
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    Rate the Sony XBA-3

    How would you rate the Sony XBA-3?
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    Using an IEM for PC gaming

    Do IEMs do well with PC gaming or is it better to get one of those "gaming headsets?" I have an Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card.
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    Is it bad for the earphones when you use them at high volumes?

    I ordered the Sony XBA-3 and the latest iPod touch. I want to know if using the earphones at high volumes for extended periods is bad for them. I know it is bad for your ears, but I need to know if it also bad for the earphones.
  11. Sprkd1

    Klipsch Image X10 vs. Sony XBA-2

    Looking at the prices on Amazon, the two are close (price wise) with the XBA-2 being more expensive. How do the two earphones compare? Any feedback will be appreciated. They will be connected to an iPod touch.   By the way, what if I added the XBA-3 into the mix?
  12. Sprkd1

    Looking for the best sounding player

    My uncle has the first generation iPod touch and the sound quality is really bad, especially the bass. The bass sounds distorted and the overall sound of the player sounds "small" and not "full." If I connect my headphones (the same ones I use on that iPod touch) to my laptop the sound is MUCH...