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  1. ThumperSD

    CMOY or E5 amp for M50

    I want a little more bass out of my M50. I want an amp for both portability and home use. Here is my setup:   Home: Foobar > Musiland 02 US DAC > M50 Portable: iPod > M50   Will a Cmoy or E5 amp be beneficial if I want to squeeze a little more bass out of these?   Edit: I want to...
  2. ThumperSD

    Anybody use a dedicated speaker for Windows sounds?

    Since I always use Wasapi for fb2k and Asio for VirtualDJ, I bought one of these to use as my dedicated speaker for Windows sounds:   I basically have fb2k and VirtualDJ hooked up...
  3. ThumperSD

    KRK RP5 G2 vs M-Audio BX5a deluxe

    Guitar Center is currently selling the RP5 G2 for $99 each and I just bought a pair. I already have the BX5a and wanted to do an A/B test with them to see which monitors I want to keep. The only problem is that GC charges a 15% restocking fee if I open the box. I want to avoid this restocking...
  4. ThumperSD

    M50 vs RX900

    Im currently deciding between the M50 and RX900. The RX900 is cheaper and has a wider sound stage and I am wondering if I should go with these instead. So what are the advantages of the M50?   I was able to compare the difference between a wide and low sound stage (not with the cans...
  5. ThumperSD

    Turning on/off lamp makes BX5a pop

    I have a lamp connected to a separate wall outlet from the BX5a which causes one of my BX5a to pop when turning it on/off.   Is this bad?
  6. ThumperSD

    Which Dayton sub should I get?

    Im debating between these two Dayton subs to pair with my BX5a deluxe. I listen to hip-hop, electro house, DnB, substep, reggae and some rock/alternative.   SUB100: SUB120...