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  1. Silent Xaxal

    Give me reasons why I shouldn't buy the W3000ANV

    Currently looking for a used one in an alright condition (Not mint is fine). Would want it's cable modded to have a 4 pin balanced XLR connection and for the cans to have a removable cable system. As such, I'd like to ask for reasons why I shouldn't buy it besides price. Because I will be...
  2. Silent Xaxal

    Android Music Player with Bookmark Functionality

    Anyone know of a hi-fi music player on Droid that also has a bookmark function? I need this for some of my apple format audio books?
  3. Silent Xaxal

    Sennheiser HD630VB Build Quality

    How well built is it? I've heard some complaints about the cable.  Also, if you have anything to say about audio quality, say it. 
  4. Silent Xaxal

    Good Amp at around 100$ or less. Must be PC and Mobile Device Compatible.

    Greetings! I am currently planning to buy an AKG K712 Pro when I go to the US next year (At least, if the current Amazon price stays the same).   I have heard that it needs an amp to get the best sound out of it, so I'm currently scouting for a good amp at around the 100 dollar price range...
  5. Silent Xaxal

    Sennheiser HD8DJ vs AKG K267 vs Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2

    First off, I know that prices are different amongst these three, so lets keep the discussion solely on performance. (The consideration is that I'd probably hunt for any of these if they went on sale or I would hunt for used ones)   Secondly, I already know the arguments in favor of open-back...