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  1. madnanny1

    The Opamp thread

    Hello out there i have an acmee mf01 and wonder if anyone has tried replacing opamp with a burson v5i,cant find any info on this on internet. Can anyone help me thanks
  2. madnanny1

    liquid mind

    Try lullaby for grownups
  3. madnanny1

    What Newage Music Do You Still Play ?

    My choices are liquid mind and amathystium,probably not everyone cup of tea.started my journey with tangerine dream then kitaro but liquid mind and amathystium are my favourites.
  4. madnanny1

    Obscure Chinese DAPs

    Can any kindperson give a crash course on operating the xunsound xs 01 thanks
  5. madnanny1

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    hello could u tell me what u think of the tascam as and audio player,am tempted to go this route.  also is the c3 any good.have a sansa clip plus and tempted to replace with c3 regards madnanny1
  6. madnanny1

    Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible portable DAC/AMPs?

    please could someone out there tell me if Samsung mp3 have a resume play function,like many others ie sony,sansa fuse       many thanks madnanny1
  7. madnanny1

    Deal Alert for Londoners - IE8 for £90

    hello out there re cex                                       before you buy anything from this company let me tell this     4 weeks ago I bought a Samsung e65 ereader from their online store,recieved it but discovered it needed parallel usb sockets manual explained not to do this would cause...
  8. madnanny1

    What Newage Music Do You Still Play ?

    re  your newage thread,try liquid mind.listen to his music in youtube.    madnanny1
  9. madnanny1


    hello nagasaki kid                                  thank you for your reply,yes you may be right about new phones,but i have had expensive h/phones in the past ie top of the range sennheisers.unfortunately my ears are very sensitive to pressure and have been using px100s for at least 5/6...
  10. madnanny1

    New LOD cable Launch market now

    hello does anyone have any user comments for the sony/fiio l5 lod before i buy one for my a826
  11. madnanny1

    most influential music

    listened to sly and the family stone a long time ago are they the same?
  12. madnanny1

    sony nw-a806

    hello i dont use the sq on the a826 or a638,but i think they both superb machines.the a638 is much smaller in size but sound wise i couldnt hear any difference between favourite machine is my a805(attrac/sonicstage).i am selling my a826 because to me the a638 looks better and makes the...
  13. madnanny1

    sony nw-a806

    hello paulypaul,thanks for reply. i agree with you,have tried the cowan d2.sold it ,wasnt up to scratch,tried a sansa fuze but it had a white screen so returned it.dont know about the sony x range.not to keen on touch screens,have used the sennheiser px100 for many tempted to try koss...
  14. madnanny1

    Sony NWZ-A826 vs NWZ-S638F

    hello out there just bought a s638(£42)second hand,from a reputable shop.i also have a a826.they both sound excellent,dont use them to watch videos so screen size doesnt come into it.
  15. madnanny1

    Would Cowon D2 be an upgrade over Sony NWZ-A828?

    i have had the d2,also have a826/828.didnt like the d2 and sold it to a family member after 3 days.sonys trashed it also the instuctions were rubish.use my sonys with sennheiser px100. question can the rechargeable battery in my sonys be easily replaced?
  16. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    hello young spade,but can it be replaced when it will no longer accept a charge  madnanny1
  17. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    hello is the battery user replaceable, madnanny1
  18. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    thanks for ure reply,getting to like the nationite more and more. hope to be able to buy it soon. have asked my other half to get me it for my 60th birthday.dont really want to change the h/phones,have used them for over 5yrs.they are nicely burnt in,besides i listen mostly new age,and dont...
  19. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    thank you young spade,will have a look at mediamonkey,as a matter of interest what equipment do u use. i myself have 2 sony mp3 ie nwz a826/828 and sennheiser px100 also biosciencegeek h/phone amp.hoping to buy nationite s flo. madnanny1
  20. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    thank you madnanny1
  21. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    thanks 4 ur reply,the sometimes odd bitrate comes from downloading albums for cd baby.which flac player do u use .did u have to pay for it or was it a free download  thanks madnanny1
  22. madnanny1

    [REVIEW] Nationite s:flo²

    hello read your review with great interest,i am considering buying an s flo but have read somewhere that it is critical of the bitrates. could you shed some light on this please  madnanny1
  23. madnanny1

    Portable Amplifier for Sony X series Walkman

    hello madnanny again has anybody compared the new sony 840 series to the x series,if so what are your impressions thanks
  24. madnanny1

    Portable Amplifier for Sony X series Walkman

    i now intend to buy sennheiser hd555 and fiio e7 and thinking of getting a sony nwz 840 series.was considering a nationite s flo but have heard it is critical of material ie most of my music was downloaded from the internet(legally) and is between 178 and 230 you reckon this would be...
  25. madnanny1

    Portable Amplifier for Sony X series Walkman

    hi have sony nwz-a826/ you reckon these are good without p/amp.was considering a h/stage arrow.headphones are sennheiser px100