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  1. cn11

    7Hertz Timeless planar IEM

    I couldn't find a thread on this planar IEM, and thought it warranted a dedicated one. It seems to be receiving some early positive impressions, and if it's as good as initial feedback is, will surely bring more. I have a set on the way and hope it is enjoyable! Feel free to post reviews...
  2. cn11

    ikko OH10

    Launching a thread for this IEM, as I just got a pair in and it's fan-freakin'-tastic... especially when retail cost is considered. Maybe I hear a slight bit of upper midrange glare, but most other things about it are hard to fault. Post impressions, photos, whatever. Audio123 unboxing...
  3. cn11

    Cypher Labs earphone

    So I just got an emailer from Cypher Labs saying they have a new earphone out. Searched HF, and nothing about it yet to my amazement. Hopefully hasn't been posted somewhere already and I missed it...   I'm a bit cautious...
  4. cn11

    A kudos

    Just found the advanced search sub-menu within 'search this thread'... and more specifically search by user! What an awesome, wonderful addition of a tool. I wish this had been there since the beginning!    Kudos.
  5. cn11

    Kudos-- 'Recent thread images'

    Since my last post in the feedback/bugs was critical, I thought I'd post one offering kudos on a feature (new, or one which I just discovered, not sure which).... the 'recent images in this thread' which appears to the right when you're browsing a particular thread. It's just awesome, and I love...
  6. cn11

    For all you Android DAP users out there, try Cube!

    For anyone using DAP's which run Android, I would highly recommend checking out the Cube player (aka: '3'). Icon looks like a black dice in Google's app store.    I'm not sure if it's just working exceptionally well with my Sony F806, but holy crap is it outstanding sounding! It opens up the...
  7. cn11

    JH Audio banner ad

    I understand the need for advertisement support, but I must say the new JH Audio ad is just visually repulsive. Orange against blue? I'm getting a migraine coming on just looking at the site right now... Not the best color combination in the world, and it runs across the site between blue areas. 
  8. cn11

    Monster Miles Davis and Coppers - two bad right channels

    I've had a run of bad luck lately. I first picked up the Miles Davis Tributes, and was totally enamored with their sound, and got to enjoy about a week's worth of listening. Then one night I was doing a listening session with a good friend, and I started noticing the right earpiece sounding much...
  9. cn11

    Klipsch Image S4 Appreciation Thread

    I searched, thinking this would most certainly exist, but nope. So I thought I'd go ahead and get the ball rolling for this wonderful, affordable, new dynamic driver IEM from Klipsch. At only $79.99 for the version without the inline mic, it's a great choice. I'm using the Sony Hybrid tips...
  10. cn11

    Tally up your month's Head-Fi damage!

    Since we all know the site's slogan, let's have a look at our month's spending. Maybe this is a reality check for some of us (as in 'holy crap, I had no idea it was really that much')... or maybe some are just groovy with what they've spent. I've had a month were I thought to myself, 'good...
  11. cn11

    Pictures of your work rig

    After some searching, I thought this would make for an interesting thread since the 'Pictures of your portable rig' is so enjoyable. I have new acquisitions that I'd like to post pics of, but was realizing they don't belong in the portable rig pictures thread. I'm opening it up here in...
  12. cn11

    Moving away from IEM’s for everything but travel

    Like the title says, I think I’m pretty much done with IEM’s for daily use. I knew I wanted to give headphones a try for use at work partly in order to spare my ears from the hours per day with something stuffed inside them (and also a raging ear infection which I’m pretty sure resulted from way...
  13. cn11

    Forum conduct I’ve noticed lately…

    Having been a member of Head-fi for six years, I just wanted to discuss a growing trend I’ve noticed recently. It seems that more and more members get offended or defensive when people post negative or critical opinions about earphones they hold in high regard. It’s becoming downright cliquey...
  14. cn11

    Kenwood HD10GB7

    I just purchased the Kenwood HD10GB7 from Audiocubes! Yikes, can't believe I just took that plunge (400 with shipping) when I have a perfectly good Ipod Nano 8G! It's the ever-continuing pursuit of better audio quality. I hope that it does my new Future Sonics Atrio's right! I'm sure it will...
  15. cn11

    My Panasonic player

    I just purchased a pair of etymotic er-4p's, and was VERY disappointed until I plugged them into my home stereo. Then they sounded great! Just unfortunately showing how poor my Panasonic SL-S361C pcdp sounds. The bass is terrible, and it is not very detailed. I just think that there is no power...
  16. cn11

    question about earphone brand...

    I was hoping someone could remember an earphone brand. It starts with an 'h', and I've been to their website before but simply can't remember the brand name. Seems they had a model that was on par with the Shure e5 and Etymotic er-4's. Anyone know of the name? Thanks, Chris.