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  1. skullguise

    Altiat CAL.1H — Official Discussion & Impressions Thread

    Much of the comparative differences are as I wrote in my notes. The Clear Mg is gone now, but based on my notes and memory: Focal is more extended on top and bottom. More air up top, slightly more bass. But for me, the bass on the Cal 1H is extremely well-defined and tight....the Focal can...
  2. Mjolnir SRD-7 energizer

    Short story a bit long: I have been moving away from headphones as primary listening source. I had a pair of Kaldas RR-1's and wanted something inexpensive but good to drive them. Saw this unit and nabbed it. In the meantime, I ended up having an opportunity to trade some camera equipment...
  3. Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 - streamer/DAC/amp

    Sold off the amp (ecp DSHA-3F) and phones (Focal Clear) I used with this; moving away from headphones to more speaker-based listening. Decided to simplify even more, using a Pi-based streamer now, don't need the fidelity I once did for what is now just casual listening. Bought this as a demo...
  4. skullguise

    Comment by 'skullguise' on listing 'Puritan 156'

    FWIW, these are great units; I have two of them, one bought from a1uc (via another site). They replaced Shunyata and Audioquest units, both already very good. Great seller to work with, too!
  5. skullguise

    Altiat CAL.1H — Official Discussion & Impressions Thread

    Hi all, Rarely post anymore, but Aumkar had reached out to me as a prior early client of the Conquest EStat. I've been trimming down my headphone listening, preferring to use 2 speaker-based systems most of the time now. But I thought this sounded pretty interesting, so I ordered the Scarlet...
  6. FS: ecp DSHA-3F (Sale Pending)

    **** UPDATE: NOW SOLD, THANKS. May regret this, but hardly listening to headphones anymore, have moved almost 100% to speakers again; so trimming the herd. Offering up my ECP DSHA-3F (Focal edition, one of the earlier builds from Doug, I think before he came up with the Ravenswood name) amp...
  7. FS: Teac NT-505 Streamer/DAC/Pre/Headphone amp

    Selling a great multi-function Streamer/DAC/Pre/Headphone Amp. I have moved to 3 different all-in-ones that also include amps, so this has been extra for a few months. Was thinking to hold onto it and use with some active speakers, but no more room. And my wife doesn't want any more equipment to...
  8. skullguise

    Feedback by 'skullguise' on listing '(FS) Waversa Mini HPA Mk 2 DAC/Amp/Pre/Streamer'

    Great and easy transaction with ModernTimez, he made everything quite easy & smooth. A pleasure to deal with, would welcome it again any time!
  9. (FS) Waversa Mini HPA Mk 2 DAC/Amp/Pre/Streamer

    Selling my versatile and great-sounding unit.....had set it up in the bedroom for Roon/Headphone listening, but my wife doesn't "appreciate" me listening in the BR, even on closed phones. :smile: Unit is quite unique, read about it on the product page. I only ever used it as a Roon Endpoint to...
  10. WTB tube amp to drive Senn's - Crack/Speedball or Valhalla 2 at top of list

    Predominantly using balanced phones - Focal driven by ecp DSHA-3F - but wanted to try a tube amp for the RCA outs on my source, to drive Senn 600's or 660's. From all I've read (and heard some time ago), the Crack with Speedball would be first choice, but Schiit Valhalla 2 (maybe with at least...
  11. skullguise

    New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

    Yeah, no manufacturer details yet...I THOUGHT I had seen something more detailed, but can't even remember if, or where.....    Fidelis has some good vinyl systems, and some new and used vinyl as well.  One of their employees had an older but superbly-rebuilt table that was kicking some nice...
  12. skullguise

    New England (Mass, NH, Maine, etc) Winter Meet - 1-28

      If you're interested in visiting anyway, on Saturday December 3rd Fidelis is hosting some manufacturers for the day (12-5).  Last year they mixed the headphone meet with one or two reps, it turned out OK but the manufacturers probably prefer a dedicated audience.
  13. skullguise

    Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

    I had posted some initial thoughts in the original thread.  Some further notes:   Bass has tightened up a bit over time, but still is a bit fat - does not take away from the other frequencies IMO The slight leanness in mids I remarked on I think is just that.  Still very detailed, but some...
  14. skullguise

    Nashua, New Hampshire Meet: Decemeber 5th, 2015

    Thanks Dave!  Loved those little drives, will surely get one or more myself.   For impressions, please post to the new thread just set up.
  15. skullguise

    Nashua, New Hampshire Meet: Decemeber 5th, 2015 Impressions

    Placeholder to start the impressions thread.   Thanks to Fidelis and Vinnie Rossi for hosting/coordinating.   EDIT: some of my quick thoughts:   My big aims for the show were to chat with people, hear the HiFiMan HE-1000's and (if present) the Enigmacoustics Dharma 1000 Mission...
  16. skullguise

    Nashua, New Hampshire Meet: Decemeber 5th, 2015

    They have separate rooms they use.  At last year's meet, they did some speaker-based listening; and while it could be easily heard at various times, I don't think it interfered too much with the headphone listening (at least that was my impression).  If needed, they can close the doors for the...
  17. skullguise

    Nashua, New Hampshire Meet: Decemeber 5th, 2015

    [Arnold voice] "I pick headphones up and put them down" [/Arnold voice]     Well'll "sell more tickets" that way
  18. skullguise

    Nashua, New Hampshire Meet: Decemeber 5th, 2015

    ^^^ Can you photoshop that prominent fat bald guy out (a.k.a. me)?   FWIW, think Fidelis may have a balanced amp.  They carry some of Vinnie's (not sure if any LIO there yet), plus a couple others (they had the Malvalve there before).  I think Walter and crew enjoyed seeing our stuff quite a...
  19. skullguise

    December 6th New England Headfi Meet at Fidelis AV - Impressions Thread

    Vinnie, sorry you weren't feeling well, hope you're up and well very soon.  Missed you and your modded Sony and new Lio gear, all look pretty damn interesting.  But thanks to you and the great folks at Fidelis for organizing and hosting.   Great to meet & chat with folks, try out some new...
  20. skullguise

    New England Headfi Meet - Saturday December 6th, 2014!

    Looking forward to it too.....   Almost 100% sure....thinking I'll be bringing my Sony HAP-Z1 ES and driving an Auralic Taurus (got it at Fidelis) as well as an ECP Black Diamond prototype, balanced and s/e out respectively.  Phones likely LCD-X and Senn 800, both 4-pin balanced (I'll have an...
  21. skullguise

    New England Headfi Meet - Saturday December 6th, 2014!

    I'll be there barring some emergency.....will need to figure out what I'll bring.   FYI, Fidelis has a couple nice vinyl setups, for those interested.  The speaker based systems - even though in separate rooms -  may interfere some with headphone listening in the open area, but they should be...
  22. skullguise

    IC: New England Headfi Meet - late June 2014

    Haven't been paying attention to meet threads, didn't see this before now.   I would go for sure as long as we don't have plans, have been a Fidelis customer since the early 90's and always enjoy a visit.  So a specific date is the big thing....I personally wouldn't be able to make June 21st...
  23. skullguise

    Official/ New York Spring Meet Sat April 5 2014

    Looking forward to this, had a great time last year.....   I will likely be bringing: Sony HAP-Z1ES --> Auralic Taurus Mk II --> balanced Senn HD-800   Todd - skullguise
  24. skullguise

    Official NY/Regional Spring Meet, April 20 2013 impressions

    m8o, sorry to hear of the loss of the CD.  Happened to me as well, but a reach out to the attendees at the Boston-area event where it happened resulted in getting it back, and the person who accidentally grabbed it (he had a pile with him, too, and was swapping out CD's on my system) and I met...
  25. skullguise

    Official NY /Regional Spring meet, April 20 2013

    Slight change in equipment plans for me, my X-Sabre will be coming, though it has lower hours.   Computer (Win-FLAC) -> X-Sabre -> Mjolnir.  Still will have the Mjolnir FS.   Leaving MA soon!  Will see what I have for extensions, bringing two strips.