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  1. Meze Elite

    Meze Elite - These need no introduction, Meze's flagship planar - Purchased new 9/21 (original invoice included for warranty) - Like new condition - Includes all original accessories, 1/4" cable, carrying case, both alcantara earpads & leather earpads, warranty card, original box. $3150 PayPal...
  2. ZMF Aeolus LTD Bocote

    ZMF Aeolus LTD in Bocote - Original owner purchased new from ZMF Sept 2021 - Excellent condition - Comes with stock lambskin perforated Universal pads & a set of suede perforated Universal pads - OFC XLR cable, stock 1/4" cable, and seahorse case. $1200 Paypal shipped to CONUS Thanks!
  3. Burson Conductor 3X Reference

    The Burson Conductor 3X Reference - Burson's TOTL amp/dac - Like new condition - Original owner purchased new 4/21 - Comes with original packaging, Burson cool stand, V6 Vivid opamps, remote control, power unit/cable, & USB cable. $1500 shipped to CONUS Thanks!
  4. Focal Stellia

    The Focal Stellia - in excellent condition - 2nd owner - comes with all original accessories, leather box, carrying case, stock XLR & 1/4" cables, manual/warranty info - recently purchased a ZMF stabilized VC so here we are..priced to sell. $1725 includes PP fees, buyer pays shipping No trades...
  5. Hifiman HE1000se w/Upgraded Ear Pads

    The Hifiman HE1000se in like new condition - original owner purchased brand new late 2020 - Incredible detail and soundstage, very close to the Susvara - Also included is brand new set of custom sheepskin leather ear pads (currently installed) that bring the sub bass up while keeping the detail...
  6. Singxer SA-1

    Singxer SA-1 balanced amp - in like new condition - original owner, purchased new in July - complete with power cord, original box, & manual. $450 shipped to CONUS
  7. fleo815

    Feedback by 'fleo815' on listing 'Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro w/Audiophile Ninja Cable'

    Great to work with, excellent communication, fast payment..Thanks!!!
  8. fleo815

    Feedback by 'fleo815' on listing 'PURCHASED KENNERTON'

    Fast communication and payment, great to deal with, it was a pleasure!
  9. fleo815

    Feedback by 'fleo815' on listing 'WTS: Abyss Diana V2 + DMS Pads - $2300 ConUS'

    Arrived in great condition, thanks very much!
  10. Denon D9200

    Looking for the Denon D9200, please PM me the details if interested. Thanks very much!
  11. Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 Black Edition

    The Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 Black Edition - Like new in box, 2nd owner and exceptionally well maintained. Comes with original packaging, original case, stock 1/4" cable, & manual. $480 shipped to CONUS and includes PP fees SOLD Thanks!
  12. fleo815

    Feedback by 'fleo815' on listing 'Sennheiser HD660S'

    Fast shipping, perfect condition just as described, would definitely deal with again..thanks!
  13. fleo815

    Comment by 'fleo815' on listing 'Dan Clark Ether 2'

    Yes you did, there was no confusion. I even agreed to cover shipping, which wasn’t even in your listing. But it’s yours to sell. It’s just not good business here, that’s all.
  14. fleo815

    Comment by 'fleo815' on listing 'Dan Clark Ether 2'

    I was first in, agreed to sell to me for a set price, then sold to some one else. Not good business.
  15. Schiit Jotunheim 2

    Looking for a Jotunheim 2, either color or configuration..please pm me any offers, thanks for looking!
  16. fleo815

    Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

    I like mine for occasional bass heavy evenings...the XL pads make a huge difference in comfort, at least for me...the smaller fabric pads feel like rough canvas..
  17. fleo815

    Reply to review by 'fleo815' on item 'Spirit Torino Twin Pulse'

    Great review..I've been considering the Radiante but there aren't a lot of reviews out there.
  18. fleo815

    ZMF Verite Open

    I have a set on order that should be shipped early Sept..I appreciate the tips on proper care of the wood.
  19. fleo815

    Reply to review by 'fleo815' on item 'Fearless Audio S8Z'

    Thank you, great review!
  20. fleo815

    Reply to review by 'fleo815' on item 'iBasso DX220 MAX'

    Thank you!!