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  1. jezz

    Dirt Cheap Stax Amp DIY - new schematic updated!

    "Son of Zen" is a different amp than Zen (article here). Pass calls it "balanced single-ended."
  2. jezz

    Dirt Cheap Stax Amp DIY - new schematic updated!

    Nice design; it reminds me of the Son of Zen. If you haven't already, you could improve distortion a bit by matching the output transistors for hFE.
  3. jezz is giving away a pair of Creative Aurvana Lives: Tell us about the best live show you've ever seen

    My best was Mutemath at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA. They are a truly fantastic band to see live; the drummer, Darren King, duct-tapes his monitor headphones to his head because he moves around so much, and the lead singer, Paul Meany, treats stages like a kid treats a jungle...
  4. jezz

    Design Consult on Headphones

    Quote: I'll defer you to the prevailing wisdom on answering hard questions about magnets.
  5. jezz

    [WIP] Custom Headphones Design (with new pics !!)

    I've been looking at Shapeways because they can (allegedly) get 0.1mm tolerances with some materials. I also don't have access to any FDM prototyping facilities. I wouldn't trust either with creating threads though; I've been leaving spaces to add nuts flush with the parts to work around that...
  6. jezz

    Job for Web Designers/Developers: Help with the HeadAmp website

    Things I never thought I'd say in the Sponsor Annoucements forum:   ygpm
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    This wire for headphones

    Yes, the wire could be bad and it might not have connection from one end of the wire to another. In that case, with a multimeter, you could ask the seller for a refund. You wanted wire and assumed it could conduct electricity.   It could just as well be that you melted a driver or wired the...
  8. jezz

    New chassis from Hammond

    The ones previously discussed are a bit different; those are mostly hardwood with an aluminum top panel, and are as such pretty pricey. These look pretty reasonable at digikey; $60-$100 or so without a bottom panel (at least, the aluminum ones; the steel ones don't seem to be widely distributed...
  9. AKG K340 Electrostatic-Dynamic Headphones

    AKG K340 Electrostatic-Dynamic Headphones

    A discontinued electrostatic-dynamic hybrid headphone with an electret transducer for frequencies above 4kHz and a moving coil transducer for frequencies below 4kHz. The headphones employ passive diaphragms similar to those in the AKG K240 Sextetts. The nominal impedance for each channel is 400...
  10. jezz

    Wich DIY project build...

    Just to add to the list, I don't know if this meets your requirements but tomb offers a nifty MiniMAX kit. The HeadWize thread is always worth a read as well, albeit now 3 years out of date. Edit: Quote: Originally Posted by dorkvader <snip>If I recall correctly, most other...
  11. jezz

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spacehead I am glad that you got your amplifier working! BTW Pretty soon I got my PPA v2 working my ears fatigued pretty badly. Don't listen too long periods now, or you might get that pain too Thanks! I've never found the sound from the PPAv2...
  12. jezz

    REVIEW: JMoney Audio Genuine Leather earpads for Beyer DT770/880/990

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spork Any word on the new model yet? I'm curious too; I've been waiting to pick up a pair but have wanted to see a photo of them first.
  13. jezz

    Best places for DIY cable supplies?

    If you're looking for silver plated copper with teflon insulation, I tend to go with John/navships on eBay. He's always a pleasure to deal with and sells in the relatively small quantities I need.
  14. jezz

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    All times AM. 1:30, Email about subscribed thread. 1:31, Done reading, soldering iron heating up 1:32, Random resistor found, leads trimmed 1:33, Resistor in place, accidentally broke Molex 1:43, Fixed stupid mistakes from 1:33 to 1:43 while fixing Molex 1:44, Fixed Molex 1:45, Started...
  15. jezz

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    I'll check and reflow all the joints when I get the opportunity. This probably won't be the week for it though. I'll report back if I find anything. When I put it together I seem to recall checking everything fairly well. I did notice something though; with no source connected, if I quickly...
  16. jezz

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by TzeYang lower the resistor between the buffer and the output of the opamp to about 100 ohms. Thanks TzeYang! I don't have any 100ohm resistors on me. I tried 110ohm however the hum is still present. Given that I'm at least within the correct order of...
  17. jezz

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    I've noticed that my PPAv2 has some hissing with some of my lower impedance (60-70ohm) headphones. I've got it configured with 3 OPA627's, a gain of 3, and 3.3ohm resistors in R24 and R34 at a bias of 20mA. Other than that, it's basically stock. I've run through the some of the things to try...
  18. jezz

    Making my own headphones

    If I recall, the pads on those are molded in. I could be wrong but I had to toss mine after I played with them a bit. You might have better luck; mine were these Peltor's, so those might be different?
  19. jezz

    SansaClip+ Rockbox Impressions thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by maverickronin Is the "no write" problem something that can be fixed or is it something that's impossible (or just so hard to do it isn't even being worked on) to do given the hardware? I'm planning on picking up a Clip+ in a month or two, so I don't mind...
  20. jezz

    Ortho headphones based on Planar speakers

    I'm in for some HF schadenfreude.
  21. jezz

    What should I go for to upgrade from an ATH-A900 ?

    It was a bit tough to tell exactly what you were looking for from your first post, whether you wanted more bass, an improved headphone, or a better driver for your headphone. As far as I'm aware, the your amp should deliver adequate bass. I'd check that your source does to, or indeed step up...
  22. jezz

    Minimum-Leakage Phone with High WAF?

    Shorter version: I'm looking for a headphone that does not leak much at all, is bass-light but defined, nice mids, and not sibilant, running in the $200-$400 gambit. I'm not looking for the AKG K271MKII because I have one, or the DT770 because it has too much bass for me. I am looking at the...
  23. jezz

    What are those tube surround things called?!

    They're called tube dampers. They're supposed to reduce audible distortions from microphonics. As far as I'm aware, they don't make any difference with regards to heat transfer to the casing. They can be purchased on eBay, amongst other places.
  24. jezz

    Work Headphones

    I would suggest the AKG K271MKII, but then I'm rather biased. They left a big enough impression on me that I wrote a review. That said, I'm in somewhat similar circumstances to you.
  25. jezz

    DT770's DIY Repairable?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Can-Fox <snip> My DT770's recently lost sound in the right can, and since the warrenty is no longer valid I decided to open them up to see if I could see anything wrong. I tested conductivity before I opened them and everything seemed fine so I assumed it...