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    Your most desired audio component

    For a "Red Book" headphone system, this is where the action is! Lexicon PCM 81 Digital Effects Processor (or Lexicon PCM 91 Digital Reverberator) plus... TC Electronic Mastering Processor (or dbx Quantum II Mastering Processor) No doubt about it! TravelLite
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    My first time...

    Rather recently it occurred on the evening of Thursday, June 26, 2003 when a Lexicon MPX-1 multi-effects processor was deployed in my so-called "second" system. Really much more than memorable, what a wonderful and amazing surprise! For me, headphone audio will never be quite the same...
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    Beyer DT860?

    Quote: Originally posted by gerG Man, I go away for a couple of months and Beyer revises their entire line without even telling me! Yep LOL, quite a few changes at Beyerdynamic. Jan Meier has put up some impressions on HeadWize: Impressions on some new Beyerdynamic and AKG...
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    How does your headphone sound with spoken word

    Quote: Originally posted by Music Fanatic One of my favorite ways of testing speakers (and headphones) is with spoken word audio sources. Yes, I agree. One of my favorite CDs for monitoring small system changes has become a five-minute monologue by Arthur Fieldler, wherein he...
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    Good transport, bad transport

    Clock-related jitter is an important consideration, but of course it's certainly not the only one. Even though the following short article has a commercial bent, it's not a bad introduction on the subject of a CD player's clock accuracy. In particular, note the references to "parts per...
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    Very High End Headphones

    Quote: Originally posted by ph0rk Unless you listen to your speakers (and have always listened to speakers and/or performances) in an anechoic chamber, you are missing the reverb. Try adding a small amount along with some crossfeed to your headphones and listen to the "soundstage" open up...
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    Problem with Beyerdynamic DT-770

    This is a new one on me, ROFL! As lini alluded to, perhaps try bending (or holding) the phone's earcups away from you head slightly. For reference, Beyerdynamic rates the DT770 PRO's nominal clamping force at 3.5N, versus 2.8N for the DT880. Or call your dentist. Possibly there's some kind...
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    AT-DHA3000 web page up

    Quote: Originally posted by Music Fanatic Now DEQ1 and DEQ2 certainly refer to the two digital equalization functions on the device. But I'm not sure what the diagram indicates. Any thoughts? Edit: Here is a thought. The envelopes express the changes made by the bass/treble controls...
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    Happy birthday Jan Meier

    Birthday greetings and best wishes, Jan! TravelLite
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    Cheapest "Soundstage" Phone

    Want really great "soundstage" with cheap headphones? Sure, no problem. Depending on configuration, about $15,000.00 at your friendly Lexicon dealer, LOL. Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. :-) TravelLite
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    Sony CDP-XA20ES user manual?

    In addition to Partsolver, you can take a look on Sony's Direct Accessories & Parts Center site. Personally, I've found it's best to talk to these people on the telephone (versus email) in order to receive anything remotely like halfway coherent information, LOL. Sony DAPC - Home...
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    Advice neede on solving brightness...

    Quote: Originally posted by vrom I still wonder if an amplifier with equalizer wouldn't solve the problem nicely and haven't seen many references to one. So a good last tip on a worldclass headphone amplifier with equalizer would be a nice finish. vrom, you simply won't find a decent...
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    Early automatic record vacuum - FAR OUT

    Although I'm not a vinyl enthusiast, I found it delightful that this old console has an integrated reverb. No doubt it's some form of spring reverberator. IMO, a number of these (once fairly common) signal and effects processing techniques are just awaiting "rediscovery" by today's music...
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    Gotta Match???

    Quote: Originally posted by Todd I worked there for just over 9 years but I no longer have any ties. Todd, probably time to update your Head-Fi profile. ;-) TravelLite
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    Binaural hearing question

    Quote: Originally posted by bfrketi3 This is an virtue of the Akg K1000 headphones. Do cans like Grado Rs1 and Sennheiser HD600 offer this property? I'd say that's probably open to debate. In any case, the degree of acoustic crossfeed would be awfully small at low volume levels...
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    Help me decide on what to do next!

    pbirkett, I'd suggest saving-up for 6-12 months and getting a really nice digital multi-effects processor. Something from the offerings of Lexicon, TC Electronic, Eventide, or Kurzweil. Now that should keep you in "high cotton" for at least two or three years, LOL! ;-) Regarding the DT531, I...
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    What kind of loads do these amps drive?

    LOL lini, yes. For some reason the practice seems rather ubiquitous throughout the headphone industry. I dare say the convention is almost the de facto norm. TravelLite
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    Hi-fi is unrelated to live music reproduction

    Quote: Originally posted by Andrew Pielet My opinion is that Hi-fi is completely different than live music, and they should never be confused with each other. Yes, I would agree. I (happily) think of recorded music as an abstraction. TravelLite
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    BASS slamm 'n wooof

    sgraphics, well, if I understand you correctly, I'd personally investigate and research the newer Ultrasones, e.g., HFI-500 DJ1, HFI-550 Beatmaster, and HFI-700 DVD, in addition to the phones already noted. I mention these because it sort of sounds like you haven't yet committed to acquiring...
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    What kind of loads do these amps drive?

    jefemeister, you can skim over the following table, even though it's really not 100% up-to-date. Rane - Understanding Headphone Power Requirements: TravelLite
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    Radio Shack Fusion

    Quote: Originally posted by Hiker I was also thinking about giving the Meier Audio ICs a try. Used in the same system, I found the RS Fusion (#15-1001) .914m ICs to be essentially equivalent to the Outlaw PCA 1.2m ICs. I felt both were "satisfactory". However, the Meier-Audio...
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    Dynamics in Recordings

    Zoomie, the RNC has 1/4" tip-sleeve (AKA 1/4" mono phone plug) I/O jacks. For example, you'd need two pairs of dedicated RCA-to-1/4" ICs. Or four RCA-to-1/4" adapters (along with two pairs of standard RCA-to-RCA ICs). Or a combination thereof. Hoya sells inexpensive nickel-plated...
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    Dynamics in Recordings

    Zoomie, a good compressor (dynamics processor) is the classic way to accomplish what you're referring to. For example, an excellent performer (for not a lot of money) is the Really Nice Compressor (RNC1773) from FMR Audio. TravelLite
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    Beyer DT990

    Quote: Originally posted by pbirkett Looks like I might of "accidentally" bought some nearly new ones second hand Excellent! ;-) TravelLite
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    Best WinAmp Equalizer plug-in?

    st5150, since DirectX audio plug-ins aren't stand-alone applications, they need to be run from within a so-called DirectX "host application". Invariably, these DX hosts are pro-audio apps like Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Steinberg Cubase, and so...