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  1. DaKi][er

    Guide - How to make new parts in Eagle Layout Editor

    This is a guide on the basics of how to make new parts in Eagle Layout Editor. Open or create a new library file. Click on Symbol (6th icon across from the top) and create a new symbol, giving it a name and clicking ok. You are then presented with a blank area to draw your new...
  2. DaKi][er

    Jung based regulator on a stick

    Last night I was bored and thought of the idea of putting a Jung based regulator on something pin compatible that would fit right onto an existing LM78XX regulator, and loaded up Eagle layout editor and after playing around a bit found out that you can squeeze quite a lot onto something very...
  3. DaKi][er

    Mint oscillation problems

    A while back, I posted a thread about some weird problems I’d been having with a few mints I’ve been making, well after having more time to sit down and fiddle with them I’m still no closer to fixing them but I worked out what it happening. So I got a number of mint boards, using all standard...
  4. DaKi][er

    pimeta dc offset with 627

    I’ve built 2 pimeta’s - standard resistors to the schematic, 1 buffer per channel, 24v regulated, all the standard parts basically Now they run happily with ad8620/8610 opamps in them with dc offset of about 2-3mV on each channel, then swapping to opa637/627 there is now about 270-330mV on...