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  1. dstyslpr

    Is anyone else's HD650 overly "creaky"?

    I think wd40 may be a little on the intense side for use with a headphone How about a little bit of silicon lubricant?
  2. dstyslpr

    ATH-A700 Review

    Yes, what is needed is a dedicated A900 nut to pick up the 700, and complete this picture by seeing how it compares. I'm getting myself one of these phones for my 25th in a couple of months, and the 700 has put itself back in the picture with this thread. Much thanks for your input and...
  3. dstyslpr

    Behind the neck headphones?

    I got my girlfriend the KSC55 - which were recommended as the best pair in that style when I was looking last year. They are a rocking little set with a very exciting sound, and an even more exciting vice like grip! They are very open though, and IMHO this makes them unsuitable for portables...
  4. dstyslpr

    Transfer on USB 1.1

    Yeah - USB 1.1 is bearable only on smaller flash players. I bought my GF a nice cheap wee little Sigmatel unit for her last birthday (and a dandy pair of Koss KSC55, but thats another thread), its only 256mb but it is unfortunetly 1.1. It takes around 4-5 minutes to fill it - which is...
  5. dstyslpr

    HD200's boring ?

    I've had a pair of HD200 for three/four years now. Paid about $90USD back in the day. Not bad phones - good bass extension, and a tad bright. Off a portable they are very tolerable, though an amp wouldn't go amiss imho, particularly if your source seems a little underpowered. I do find them too...
  6. dstyslpr

    Perreaux "SXH2"

    Good point. As a local anything I come across wil be 230V - unless they take a DC power supply? And they clearly don't. I wonder if TW can get the 110 version?
  7. dstyslpr

    Perreaux "SXH2"

    Heh - if you really want Plainsong, Totally Wired is only just down the road from me. If and when they do come out perhaps I can help some international buyers get their hands on it.
  8. dstyslpr

    Sansui QH-44: Requires Amp?

    Heh - my Grandfather got in a whole bag of trouble with the missus back in the day when he dropped his retirement bonus on a a Sansui system coupled with one of the original Sony cassette decks. The best sounding amplifier with faux wood detailing I've heard! Sad that Sansui now seem to be...
  9. dstyslpr

    Looking for perfect headphones

    I second the clipon mic call. I use a nasty $5 "multimedia" version that swings from the cord on my senns. By choosing the clip on it opens up all sorts of avenues for actual headphone choice. And headsets look rediculous in a single player environment!
  10. dstyslpr

    ipod/amp set-up help

    Citizen Smith - if you are going to upgrade to any sort of portbale storage for your PC (like an mp3 player) then I'd really recommend switching to WinXP or Win2k. It is so much easier - 98 just gave me all sorts of frustration with a flash player I picked up some time ago. Something to think...
  11. dstyslpr

    supermono availability ?

    My bad - I do see the DC input, right beside the four toggle switches on the front. Its going to be a built up little machine with all three cords going in there at once. Anyone care to illuminate give some insight to the internal shots? What are we seeing?
  12. dstyslpr

    supermono availability ?

    You think it looks like a real interesting prospect, and I agree! Now that you've all had a good look at it - what do you think it sounds like? I don't see a DC input on that machine yet - must be something that will be worked into laster versions of it.
  13. dstyslpr

    $200 A900 or $200 5.1 Channel Speaker System?

    Can't say that I'm the authority, but headphones are the best gaming sound system of all time. They are simple and clean, unlike an average $200 sound system. I use headphones exclusively - they are so much more precise, and it really makes a difference to the way I play.
  14. dstyslpr

    If its possible to replace the ipod battery...

    Battery stuff is incredible tech though, and it is getting really cheap. I'm running my mouse off of a couple of 2100mah nimh cells - three years ago they would have cost $90NZD, bu I got them for $14.
  15. dstyslpr

    Senn 330's?

    Its here mate I hear you on NZ prices for the Grado stuff. Must get an SR60 one of these days - but not for $339NZD!
  16. dstyslpr

    Klipsch or Bose or ? computer speakers?

    The TDK Tremor 150 is another set that I'd call high end 2 channel. Surprisingly good actually. A flatmate of mine used it full time as with a cd player as a source.
  17. dstyslpr

    The prolific Xin Feng and the new SuperMono

    Realistically now - what sort of time frame are we looking at to see this amp available for sale?
  18. dstyslpr

    I got my ATH A900's today!!

    Thats the endless question isn't it. A500/700/900?? Deviant3 you might be interested to know that Lindrone posted in a comparison thread that he felt that for a non-audiophile listener the 500 was 99% the can of the 900. Try the search button - it is quite good these days There doesn't...
  19. dstyslpr

    Audio-Technica ATH-A500 with PC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dj_mocok onboard soundforce for reference ? A500 is a good choice for general PC audio, but i still recommend at least a soundcard instead of using onboard audio. Apologies - a manner of speech. Unfotunate in the case of Hi-fi. "For reference" - as in...
  20. dstyslpr

    Audio-Technica ATH-A500 with PC?

    For reference the soundstorm is reputed to be the most kick-arse onboard solution out. Light years ahead of the legacy creative stuff thats for sure. Good enough to justify those headphones I'd say. No doubt a better source will reward you with better sound than the soundstorm, but thats not...
  21. dstyslpr

    Grado need to innovate new headphones

    They make the most seriously awesome looking piece of equipment that is on the market today. I think the the 60 & 80 are just so perfectly designed - they are classics. They'll look as good in 30 years time, as they do today.
  22. dstyslpr

    Don't mind me, just venting:

    Who would you guys recommend for cheap and reliable interntaional delivery from the US? Any ideas what an intternational delivery will cost? I'm thinking of getting some stuff of the trading board at some point in the future...
  23. dstyslpr

    Please help me pick a Video Card

    YMMV - the only agreed upon thing in this board. The biggest difference will be noticable at larger resolutions 1280*1024 and higher. Some cards just start looking a little blurry. If you're running it on a yum-cha 17" or 19" at medium res then no, there is probably not going to be a...
  24. dstyslpr

    24Kt Gold original master recording discs?

    A friend of mine had a gold U2 disk (Joshua Tree?), as well as the vanilla orginal. Comparing the two of them on a cheap Sahrp portable stereo, aka "ghetto blaster", the gold still sounded a little better. A little cleaner, is how I seem to recall it - and this with a truly nasty portable. I...
  25. dstyslpr

    Please help me pick a Video Card

    Quote: Originally posted by KR... MATROX G550 Video Card, 32MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI, 4X AGP, Model "G550" Price: $103.00 Detailed Specifications Graphics Controller Matrox G550 Memory Configuration 32MB DDR(128 bit) Connectors 1 x VGA out(15 Pin D-Sub) 1 x DVI connector...