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  1. abcd

    Question regarding standard ODAC and the rca version of the ODAC

    Hey guys. I currently have the O2 and want to get the ODAC. So, I have this rca cable:   And if I get the ODAC can I do this setup:   hd 650 -> o2 -> RCA cable via male 3.5mm plugged into o2 -> odac w/ rca (end of the rca cable plugged...
  2. abcd

    So I'm thinking about buying HD-600's. Would it be fine to use onboard audio with A FiiO e9 and e7 for these headphones?

    A FIIO E7.     Sorry I want to get another amp and some hd 600's, but I'm not sure if this will be good with my onboard sound. Should I get an Asus Xonar DG?