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  1. mierenneuker

    What is the Phonak PFE of today?

    I'm talking about perfect treble with a modest price tag, just like the Phonak PFEback in the days. I have been out of the scene for a couple of years and my Westone 3s start to bore me. The treble is not sharp enough on them. Looking for good treble around 100 euros and comfortable fit. Any...
  2. mierenneuker

    to upgrade or not ?

    well, my UE SF.5 pro's sound is pretty good but the cable is too short and they are way too uncomfortable for me. I also dislike the memorywire so I'm actually looking for a possible upgrade. my budget will be around 200 euro's if I sell the UE. I'd like to have a iem which has a braided...
  3. mierenneuker

    IEMs for 140 dollar

    Hi guys, thread no 3456 about this I know but I just can't find a good answer I want buy some earphones, my max budget is around 100 euro's (+/- 140 dollar) I have the Westone UM1s now but I think there's just something missing in the sound oh and I listen mainly metal(core) and hardcore...