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  1. justsomesonyfan

    is is possible to mod the sony xb600?

    Is it possible in any way? Changing pads ,modding pads, removing a particular part inside of the cans... I need help really fast.. And if you have photos of the xb600 open and padless that's also great. I heard about a mod where I cut three holes in the pads yet i dont know where and in what size..
  2. justsomesonyfan

    sony xb600 pads and equalization questions

    I'm pretty new to this site and I must say that I do not have any sort of pro equipment. I was wondering, if the xb600 pads were replaceable, is there a possibility to put a pair of pads on the xb600 pads? Will it increase the soundstage and decrease the bass? ( Siberia v3 pads ) I tried to...