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  1. best56

    New Huraca'n 845 S.E.

    Hi guys Here is the new Huracan 845 S.E. Driver, 2nd Version, of the first Amplifier with 845 Valves, the Aventador 845 S.E. On this second model, several improvements were introduced, which concerned the Logic of Operation and Ignition by Remote Control, the Internal Circuit was reviewed...
  2. best56

    Driver AVENTADOR 845...Genesis of an Idea and Implementation of a Project

    Hi guys, After many years spent listening to many headphones and related facilities, linked to them, feeling a little all that the market has proposed in the past two decades, in particular as regards the so-called Top Headphones, as Sennheiser, Audeze, HiFiMan, Pioneer , AKG, Ultrasone, Taket...