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  2. GokieKS

    Plextor to discontinue consumer CD/DVD burners...

    Damn, that sucks. I truly love my PlexWriter Premium for DAE and audio burning, and have kept it through 3 or 4 rounds of DVD burner upgrades. What am I gonna do when it, or the IDE standard, finally dies... =(
  3. GokieKS

    Houston, June 8th Headroom meets Head-Fi tour

    R-10s and SA-5000s... *drool* Man, this is making it more tempting by the moment. I'd be up for an Austinite carpool down there if we can get one together. I won't be on this weekend, unfortunately, but I'm pretty flexible in terms of timing, so almost anything will be fine with me. Just post...
  4. GokieKS

    Houston, June 8th Headroom meets Head-Fi tour

    I'd really like to go (and I may make it yet), but it's gonna be a 2.5 hour drive to get to Houston, not to mention the time in traffic inside Houston... then I'll have to drive back (or beg a friend for a place to stay)... If only it were on a weekend. But that's the way it goes, I guess...
  5. GokieKS

    What kind of phone do you have? (If any)

    Quote: Originally Posted by sleepkyng unlocked ericsson t68i simple, intuitive, lightweight, good batterlife and good reception You know having owned a T68i for over 2 years, "good reception" isn't something that I'd ever consider one of its strengths. I still liked the...
  6. GokieKS

    All in one PC:Advice appreciated.

    Quote: Originally Posted by DMOS Dual core/cpu at the moment does nothing for games. The software side of things is way behind. Music and DVD playback require next to nothing for hardware requirements, any reasonably modern system can handle this. Even using directshow filters to clean...
  7. GokieKS

    Exact Audio Copy 0.95 beta 1 released!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nandro Have they removed it for some reson? I see the pre beta 5 as the latest on the website still. Just checked again... it's there... but here are the download links: Without CDRDAO package:
  8. GokieKS

    Exact Audio Copy 0.95 beta 1 released!

    I've been using 0.95 Prebeta 3 all this time, and haven't had any problems at all... as far as I'm concerned, it might as well be a "final" version already. *upgrades anyway* ~KS
  9. GokieKS

    What are you favorite video game of all time?

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Xenogears, Super Mario Bros. 3, StarCraft, Civilization 2, Radiant Silvergun, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy Tactics... just to name a few. ~KS
  10. GokieKS

    Why am i keep missing e888???

    Maybe give the Audio-Technica ATH-CM7/Ti a try? I've owned th E888s before, and judging from memory, I thought the CM7s were similar, but somewhat better in sound quality. As for build quality, not really a contest at all. ~KS
  11. GokieKS

    What MP3 Player is BEST LOOKING?

    I really liked the blue first-generation iPod Mini. (I own a 2G green one, since the new blue is more of a turqoise color that I don't care for). Toshiba's Gigabeat also looks pretty nice, if a bit big. ~KS
  12. GokieKS

    Some basic upgrade advice please!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cyclone By 133sd i assume you mean PC133 184-pin DDR SDRAM. PC133 is SDR. Intel never released a chipset for the PIII that supported DDR (only RDRAM or SDR SDRAM), and unless my memory is getting shot at a rate more rapid than I imagined, Dell only uses...
  13. GokieKS

    How to use the Plainface Smiley?

    Don't think I've used it here, but on another forum, I've always used it as a response whenever someone says something so unintelligible that I don't even know where to start in correcting them... kinda like a "you're kidding me, right?" response. It compliments the rolling-eyes emoticon quite...
  14. GokieKS

    Anyone else hooked on Guild Wars?! -nt-

    Thought about picking it up, but still play WoW for the time being. Might give it a try later. ~KS
  15. GokieKS

    Nero - Did I waste my money?

    If you're going to spend $65 on a CD-RW (in the age when you can get DVD+/-RW DL drives for less), then you might as well get the PlexWriter Premium, $67 @ NewEgg: ~KS
  16. GokieKS

    Nero - Did I waste my money?

    I don't have any personal experience with the ASUS drive, but if you can backup discs properly using the Plextor as both source and destination drive, it doesn't seem like Nero, the program, is causing these problems. Try reducing the read speed of the source drive (the ASUS) to something like...
  17. GokieKS

    PC/PS2 Steering Wheel Help!

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari I refuse to spend another $100.00 on a SECOND logitech wheel that is ONLY for PS2. You'd want the DFP anyway, and that's $150. I still think the original MOMO Force is the best (consumer-level) steering wheel controller available, but it...
  18. GokieKS

    Nero - Did I waste my money?

    I've been using Nero since my first CD burner (a 4/4/24 by Smary & Friendly that costed $250 back then), and I've never had any problems caused by the program. Can you elaborate on what kind of problems you're having? You say backing up CDs... what kind? And are you doing it on-the-fly? I...
  19. GokieKS

    Does Foobar support Global Hotkeys (like Winamp's)?

    foobar, on Win2K/XP, support Unicode by default... I don't recall ever having to do anything to enable it (and at least 3/4 of the music I listen to on a frequent basis has Unicode filenames/ID3v2 tags). ~KS
  20. GokieKS

    best DAP with effortless transfers/least bugs

    Quote: Originally Posted by philodox Ok, so you have an iPod and you take it to a friends house who also has an iPod. How do you copy files from your iPod to his/her computer? PS. I'm not sure why I've had so many problems with iTunes on my computer, but I have. Using...
  21. GokieKS

    PC upgrade question re: video card

    It should work in any A64 mobo with an AGP slot - AGP8x slots are backwards compatible with AGP4x. For a S939 system, if top-flight performance isn't a concern, and you don't need overwhelming OC-ing capabilities, you'll probably be very well served by a VIA K8T890-based board. The nForce 4 is...
  22. GokieKS

    Need Info re) Laptop Computer as Portable Music Server

    I'd personally go with a 12" iBook or PowerBook, but you may not find it a feasible option... ~KS
  23. GokieKS

    AV710 --> EMU 0404?

    I have the AV-710 (two of them, actually, but that's another story), and recently got the 0404... and there's no doubt in my mind that it was worth the $85 (price, after tax, that I got at Guitar Center). If you can afford it, you can always get both... I currently have both in my main...
  24. GokieKS

    Has any E-mu given you trouble with gaming?

    Haven't tried... my 0404 is in my main workstation that I almost never play games on (even though it'd make a pretty nice gaming machine... A64 3000+ @ 2.3, nF3 Ultra, 6600GT). My gaming is done on my secondary system, which has my old Audigy (which I originally bought because I needed a...
  25. GokieKS

    best DAP with effortless transfers/least bugs

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oga No idea what this is all about. How confusing could it be? I drag and drop to my iAudio U2 all the time - love it. Couldn't be better. Never said it was confusing. But I have a very specific way of organizing my music using folder hiearchy...