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  1. GustavMahler

    Should i get the RL Concero HP?

    I need a dac/amp or dac+amp that can be moved from my living room to the garden, Then to my laptop in my other room etc. I have the PS1000e. Do you think i should go with the concero or do you have any other suggestion? Thank you
  2. GustavMahler

    PS1000e/PS1000 owners: What AMP/DAC are you using?

    I am trying to find out what is the best combo with the PS1000e. If i'll find out that a few people are really enjoying the same AMP/DAC i may get it. I can't audition it so i'll have to rely on opinions. Convince me! Ready? Shoot! :)
  3. GustavMahler

    Best DAC/AMP for PS1000e

    What is the best combo with the Grado PS1000e in your opinion? 
  4. GustavMahler

    PS1000e-Tube or solid?

    I have been listening to the PS1000e with a mcintosh SACD player with a built in solind state headphone amp, And i compared it to the Trafomatic Experience Head One, And i think that the Trafomatic won. Which amp do you think is the best match with the PS1000e? If i liked the Trafomatic...
  5. GustavMahler

    Best DAC/AMP for the PS1000e

    I have the Grado PS1000e and they are amazing. I currently listen to them with my iBasso DX90. What dac/amp would compliment them the most? I consider all price ranges as i am willing to save up money for it. Thanks
  6. GustavMahler

    Using HD650 cables with HD700

    Are the cables compatable with the 650's. In other words can i use the cables i have for my 650's with the HD700?  Thanks
  7. GustavMahler

    Can a headphone Y splitter damage my headphones?

    Hi, I have a Y splitter connected to my PC, And if i hit or move one of the headphones it makes sound in the other one. Now i understand that one headphone can start sending a signal to the other headphone just like a microphone. Is it a bad Y splitter (I think probably it is) But can it cause...
  8. GustavMahler

    How to use dolby headphone?

    Is there a way to use Dolby headphone with potplayer? And with pc games?
  9. GustavMahler

    Was the research process of the PS1000 really 50 years?!

    Grado claims so. I know you can't know for sure but is this possible in the headphone industry to research for 50 whole years? If it's true i would be really happy since i am getting them now :)
  10. GustavMahler

    Connecting an external dac to a receiver?

    The av receiver will output a signal to a tv and will be connected to multiple speakers. Is it possible to hook up an external dac to the receiver and then an amp and then headphones? I want to watch tv and listen to discs with my headphones sometimes and not through the receiver's medium...
  11. GustavMahler

    A very high damping factor=Overdamping headphones?

    Can i overdamp headphones by a really high damping factors? Is there a maxinmum recommended damping factor or only a minimum?
  12. GustavMahler

    DAP specs showing only power output and not voltage-With what impedance??

    The specs shows output of 2 x 2.4 mW. What does the first 2 mean? It has only one output and no gain settings, Only volume. And how can i know how much wattage i'll get with certain headphones with certain impedance? I know how to calculate this only when they give the voltage, Not the...
  13. GustavMahler

    Good XLR big 4pin to trs 1/8 adapter?

    Is this good enough? I want to connect my soon arriving balanced PS1000 which are terminated with a big 4pin XLR to my DX90's 1/8" input.
  14. GustavMahler

    ps1000 vs ps1000e in terms of sound?

    Is the sound signature much different? I f i liked the ps1000e will i like the ps1000?
  15. GustavMahler

    Good 4 pin XLR to trs adapter?

    Preferably on ebay. It can be either 1/8" or 1/4" trs. (Does it change quality?)
  16. GustavMahler

    What impedance affects damping factor?

    Do the dac's input and output impedance and cables and the amp's input impedance and cables have an impact on the headphones damping factor? I know at least the amp's output impedance and the headphone cable have an affect on the headphones damping factor.. Thanks!
  17. GustavMahler

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as an headphone amp?

    I will use the DX90 as a dac. How good is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2's headphone amp? Will i benefit from a much more expensive amp when using low impedance loads? And what about with high impedance cans? And should i use the dx90 or Focusrite Scarlett 2i2  as a dac?
  18. GustavMahler

    PS1000 or PS500..?

    I fell in love with the ps1000e. What other grado headphones i should consider that are similiar and probably cheaper? And how does the ps1000e compare to the ps500? I wont be able to audition the ps500 so i have to know how it compare. Please give a detailed comparison. Thanks
  19. GustavMahler

    A question about speaker impedance

    1) If i look at specs of a two speaker system and it says the impedance is 8ohm-Does it mean that i need to divide it by 2 because i am running two speakers, Or the two speakers together are 8ohm? 2) The amp specs:  Power Output 80W/channel, 8Ω Does it mean that the maximum impedance...
  20. GustavMahler

    Israel-Lets meet!

    Hi everyone! Ofer from maestro audio is happy to host a meet again in his place (As headphones1999 just said:  "i talked with maestro audio and he will be happy to do a meet again in his place" As you may know Ofer himself has a few headphones and great amps. If you will bring your equimpment...
  21. GustavMahler

    External DAC in bluray players

    Is it possible to use an external DAC and AMP in bluray players? Or can i use only the internal DAC?
  22. GustavMahler

    Confused with impedance and sensitivity

    I understand that if the sensitivity of headphones are 100dB, It means that from every 1 mW from the source it produces 100dB (Actually i am not sure if it means it is producing 100dB..). Impedance demermines the electrical power required by the headphones. Now of course the PS1000e (32ohm)...
  23. GustavMahler

    A question about frequency response

    Hi, If i have cans with 5Hz-50kHz response paired with a DAP with 17Hz~20KHz response what will i get? In what aspects is the response of the DAP different than the headphones..? Thanks
  24. GustavMahler


    everytime i play in foobar with my dx90 as a dac and using asio4all i get a bsod. I know i need to disable the mango hifi device input but i cant even get to the asio4all control panel. Please help!!! iv'e been wasting on this almost 5 hours now