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  1. WaffleBoy

    Schiit Hel 2 or Creative AE-5 Plus or ifi Zen Dac v2?

    I plan to buy HD 560 S this week for FPS games (Warzone with Dolby Atmos). Which one of these devices do you recommend me to buy for these headphones (in the future I'll buy another headphone for music and open world games)? Schiit Hel 2 or Creative AE-5 Plus or ifi Zen Dac v2?
  2. WaffleBoy

    Do I need Creative G6/AE-5/E5 / FiiO ...?

    I currently have HYPERX Cloud Alpha Pro, Shure SE215, Pinnacle P1 + Dolby Atmos + a motherboard that supports Realtek S1200A Codec and DTS® Custom audio. I mostly play Call of Duty Warzone + Forza Horizon 4, some Netflix + iTunes. edit: I'm considering getting DT990 500ohms as well in 2 months...
  3. WaffleBoy

    Shure Se215 vs Fiio F9 Pro

    Which one of these would you consider more for 'fun' sound and better sound quality? Thanks.
  4. WaffleBoy

    LG V20 or iPhone 7 with a red dragonfly?

    For the best sounds experience, which option should I go for? iPhone 7 + dragonfly Or LG V20 IEMs: Shure 215, Shure 535, Pinnacle P1.
  5. WaffleBoy

    SE535LTD 350$. Is it reliable? Is it safe to purchase from this website?
  6. WaffleBoy

    SONY XBA-40/S better over Shure SE215?

    I currently have the se215, which I really love (the BASS the the quality) I do wanna know, how better is the SONY XBA-40/S over the se215. on Amazon(JP), the price is 110 USD. I use a cellphone for music. Thanks.
  7. WaffleBoy

    Spigen Earphones "Aluminium TEKA" | what do you think? What do you think of it? Is it good for its price?
  8. WaffleBoy

    Which earbuds should I buy?

    Hey there,   I'm looking for new earbuds. I had "v-moda vibrato" and "v-moda m100" and I liked them ALOT. The budget is around the 50$-100$. My main needs are: BASS&HIGH QUALITY SOUND for iPhone 5/6.   Any ideas what should I go for?     Thanks :)   Edit:   By the way...